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ploughing the arable farmland
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no lego

forget roe v wade, bush v gore and the oj simpson murder trial...

when it comes to controversial court decisions, this really rocks the boat.
15th Dec 2008, 20:51   | tags:comments (5)

bring it back. sing it back.

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oh lordy. it's been a long time since I was last on stage - about a year and a half to be exact. one of the problems of having hearing damage is that you tend to avoid environments that you believe might cause further damage, and your confidence suffers. so when my friend called me on saturday night to say his band were to pull out of a gig due to the singer being sick, my tentative offer to step into the breach came as a surprise even to me. we played to a sizeable crowd of excitable young students, which, while hardly wembley stadium, felt great and served as a good stepping stone to get back into performing.

thanks to karolina for the photos and mr o for being the rock to my paper and scissors.


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a polish tradition, in celebration of the feast day of st andrew.

step 1 - fill a large pan with cold water and place on the centre of a table.

step 2 - melt wax in a saucepan. any old candle will do.

step 3 - pour the hot wax slowly through the hole of an old key into the pan of water.

step 4 - hold up the resulting blob of hard wax in front of a light, making a shadow on the wall.

the shape of the shadow should symbolise something that will happen in the future, although according to wikipedia it was originally meant to show the profession of a young woman's future husband. the ritual is steeped in ancient superstition, the key being symbolic of a doorway into the unknown future.

what a lion, a dancing couple, a crocodile and a scary horse says about our respective futures is open to interpretation...

the obama victory: a very british perspective

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nch scotland charity shop window display, stockbridge, edinburgh

5th november 2008


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see showercam
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