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ploughing the arable farmland
of the sub-ether

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in the heat of the city

the blazing sunshine got a bit much in simferopol, and with no cool sea air or beaches to lounge on you instead find yourself dashing between small patches of available shade. to be honest my main concern was that my beloved plastic cameras would melt and all my film be burnt to a crisp...

pics 2 and 3 - odd choice of advertising for a country whose soviet past is still in recent memory. the second ad is using the socialist-realist style to advertise meat products.

pic 5 - painful lotion application. ouchy.
12th Aug 2008, 16:01   | tags:,,comments (13)

bye bye black sea

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one last glimpse of the black sea from the crimean coast before heading back inland.
11th Aug 2008, 11:26   | tags:,,comments (8)

rocking in the new world

in novy svet (new world), near to sudak. described in the guides as "the most beautiful part of crimea." well it sure is purdy and there's more big hefty rocks here than you could shake a big hefty rock at.

pic 5 - note freaky-looking storm cloud to the left of pic. it flew right over our heads and landed bang in the middle of sudak. they didn't know what hit them...

sudak in c minor

further up the coast...

sudak is a spectacular and beautiful place by day with delicious beaches and blazing hot weather. but in the early evening light, the whole area becomes tinged with melancholy.

fragments of crimea

here's a bunch of things you see pretty much everywhere in crimea which I think go part way towards defining the place, or at least help you understand it a bit more...

1 photography not permitted inside :(

2 all locally grown. plus bananas.

3 they're skodas, you know?

4 he's everywhere. always watching, silently.

5 very clear, not black.

6 no owner. cute but don't stroke.
6th Aug 2008, 11:34   | tags:,comments (6)

one thousand two hundred and thirty four metres up

at the top of ai-petri mountain and, um, looking down. if you'd stood on this mountain a few million years ago you'd be standing beneath the sea, the peak itself being the remains of a massive coral reef...

in the gardens of the tsar

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at livadia palace near yalta, formerly a summer retreat for the last russian tsar then later the site of the yalta conference, where allied bigwigs churchill, roosevelt and stalin bashed heads over what the hell to do with europe at the end of the war.

we avoided the main exhibition, preferring instead to wander the gardens and imagining how "the big three" found resolutions to some of the finer points of the conference. first leader to complete a lap of the palace gets control of hungary? paper-scissors-stone to decide the partitioning of germany?

in the third picture winston churchill sans cigar is looking moody, possibly from giving away poland to stalin after an ill-fated game of rounders, the silly bugger...

by the blue of the black sea

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at last, the sea. oh, the sea.
30th Jul 2008, 10:09   | tags:,,,comments (6)