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ploughing the arable farmland
of the sub-ether

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I think I am at a crossroads

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25th Oct 2012, 21:02   | tags:comments (4)

congratulations, whoever you are...

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that giant inflatable shell is really desperate for attention, isn't it?
25th Oct 2012, 19:03   | tags:,,comments (4)

chemical head

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whoa. did someone top my beer up with heavy duty bleach?
11th Sep 2012, 19:25   | tags:,comments (4)

the set list

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this is kinda sweet. when I was sorting through the house today I found an old handbag at the bottom of a cupboard. inside one of the pockets was this - a beermat onto which I had scrawled my set list just before I was about to play a gig several years ago. I'm probably the only person in the world who would attach sentimental value to this little thing. I remember the specific gig - it went pretty well, and I have fond memories of that evening. I've blogged the beermat so that its image will live on in digital form... and now I can throw the crappy piece of tat in the bin.

riot grrrls...

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pussy riot supporters outside the russian embassy in edinburgh this afternoon. I thought they might appreciate my jacket (see final pic).

rare moments at malham: part one

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part one
dad drove us to malham and we walked up to the top of the cove. we admired the limestone and noted how erosion had formed the unusual shapes in the rock. I took the kite out of the rucksack and tied to it the harness I'd put together in the car. I'd made the harness out of cardboard cut from an old tissue box and stuck it together with tape. to the harness I secured my phone, held in place by another piece of tape. then I switched on my phone's videocamera and pressed record.

click here for part two
7th Aug 2012, 19:43   | tags:,comments (4)

rare moments at malham: part two

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part two
dad helped me get the kite in the air. I pulled on the strings while he lifted the kite up, trying to catch the wind. when the kite was high in the air I swung it from side to side and swooped it down low, trying to get a smooth aerial shot of the stones below. the harness started spinning, so I brought the kite down to the ground. the length and position of the strings kept on having to be adjusted. after every failed attempt dad helped me get the kite flying again.

click here for part three
7th Aug 2012, 19:41   | tags:,comments (4)

rare moments at malham: part three

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part three
then the helicopter flew overhead and landed nearby. we explained to the pilot that we hadn't called for help, and that the kite lying on the ground wasn't an injured person as he had thought. then just as he was about to fly off, someone approached the helicopter to indicate where the real injured person was, just over a nearby ridge and out of our line of sight. I recorded the helicopter as it flew away, then showed the video to dad.

rare moments like these are worth recording.

the end


photos by mjz. check out her new blog
7th Aug 2012, 19:39   | tags:,comments (5)