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from the depths

last night I knocked by accident a little thing down the back of the old piano that sits in my living room. when I peered behind the piano I found that the rear section was covered only by a frayed cloth with large rips in it. so I reached down through a hole in the cloth and stretched out my hand in the dusty gloom of the piano innards, and there I touched upon something decidedly un-piano-like. from my vantage point I couldn't make out what it was, but my hand told me that it was something hard and flat, that it had two wheels, and most importantly that it was trapped inside there and urgently required my attention.

I manfully wrenched the piano away from the wall and fervently set about rescuing the mystery object, the original thingy I had intended to retrieve now long forgotten. as I tugged to and fro on the awkwardly placed object I felt like a doctor attempting to retrieve a baby from its mother's tight womb. then I realised the old piano had a front panel that could be removed quite easily. once I'd detached the panel from the body of the piano my mystery object just fell right out, born if you will via emergency caesarian section. and there was my baby, staring goo-goo-ga-ga up at me, decked out in lurid red and brown. my colours. I removed the wheels as if cutting an umbilical cord, dusted it down as you would clean a newborn, and beamed with admiration as a proud father would.

then a memory poked at me. I thought back to when I was an adolescent and the time I'd found out that my mum had thrown out my old skateboard. she had thought that it was just a worthless piece of junk. to me though this was a traumatic event because in my mind I believed that through separating me from my skateboard my mum had inadvertantly exorcised an important part of my youth. now I realised that the new skateboard from inside the piano was more than just a fortuitous find, it had been placed there by some other medium that knew of the childhood trauma. the arrival of the new skateboard was a balm of forgiveness that would fix and heal past transgressions. I felt happy.

I have no use for the skateboard any more.

so I've thrown it out.

dear sir

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Dear Sir

I set my alarm for 9 o'clock this morning. However I woke an hour early to the sound of a different kind of alarm - heavy machinery breaking up the road outside. When I got out of bed the floor was shaking. Apart from the obvious annoyance I felt, I also felt unwell as at the moment I have a low tolerance to sound due to an injury I incurred earlier in the year. I'm now sitting at work with a thumping headache. Do the workmen building the tram system really have to produce that level of noise at that time in the morning?

Other days I've woken up at 8am to the sound of a circular saw cutting into concrete, a horrible sound to anyone's ears. Also one night there were workmen outside our house digging up the road until way after midnight. I assume this was to make emergency repairs to the water system, but there had been problems with water pressure in our house for the previous fortnight so why couldn't these repairs have been carried out earlier, and at a more suitable time of day?

I'm not complaining about the actual work being done, just the times of day this work is carried out coupled with the amount of noise it produces. If there was a loud party in my house Environmental Health Officers would be round here in a shot, yet residents are expected to put up with the noise of roadworks at very unsociable times of the day. Is the problem of noise going to be addressed or should we expect no change?

Yours Sincerely

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