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of the sub-ether

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I hate london underground [no 7]

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number seven: advertising

this is kennington underground station, currently ad-free but will no doubt
be soon splattered with all manner of crass images for products and services
that you neither want nor need.

...and on the tube there's not much else to look at
7th May 2005, 13:51   comments (10)

grey gray

6th May 2005, 14:44   comments (0)

home studio

(viewed 1864 times)
actually my studio is a little more hi-tech than this, but I'm always a
sucker for the lo-fi approach
5th May 2005, 22:42   comments (0)


5th May 2005, 21:47   comments (0)

I hate london underground [no 6]

(viewed 3688 times)
number six: terror

I asked london transport about this sticker on a piccadilly line carriage
and was assured that it's a hoax. still, ever been stuck between stations
for thirty plus minutes? that's when you really feel the effects of limited
oxygen while paranoid people around you say things like "what if it's a
bomb!" in hushed whispers
27th Apr 2005, 19:30   comments (6)

night mode buddies [1 of 3]

(viewed 1388 times)
pissing around with the 6230's night mode to create some lomo-ish effects

(maybe I should have called the post "lo-fi lomo?")


*thanx to rich and mike
27th Apr 2005, 16:56   comments (0)

night mode buddies [2 of 3]

(viewed 1443 times)
27th Apr 2005, 16:31   comments (0)

night mode buddies [3 of 3]

(viewed 1302 times)
27th Apr 2005, 15:54   comments (0)