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ploughing the arable farmland
of the sub-ether

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huzzah! my moblog and facebook pages are now linked, by the wonders of rss! now any new post I make on mobspace will automatically be uploaded to facebing. or something...
23rd Jun 2012, 14:15   | tags:,,comments (11)

tree of life

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I've put together a music video for my song 'tree of life'. the cost for the production of this video came to the grand total of zero pence. ah, cameraphones. how on earth did we all live before you came along? and of course, my video features diabolos! hooray!

the video can be viewed here. I tried to upload a low-filesize version here on moblog, but couldn't get the thing to work without it looking like a total piece of shit. (I did mention the video was made on a budget, right?)

thorniest horniest thornies

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dammit, I only found this nine letter beauty after the gong. for some reason I missed 'horniest' as well. how the hell did I miss those, and yet I still managed to put down 'thornies', which isn't even a word?

(I think I imagined my little 'thornies' to be thorns at an early stage of development...)
5th May 2012, 21:11   | tags:,,comments (1)

holyrood diabolo

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one of the perks of practicing diabolo in public places is that people sometimes stop what they're doing, watch you for a bit, pull out a camera and take the odd snap. and on rare occasions said snapper just happens to have a big expensive camera with an unfeasibly large lens. well it's either that or a dog snapping at your heels when you're in the middle of a particularly tricky behind-the-back reverse suicide grind, or a bunch of kids surrounding you shouting, 'do indiana jones!'

these photos were taken by a nice chap called jon savage who has a bag full of unfeasibly large lenses and a slick website to boot. if you live near edinburgh and need a pro photographer for a wedding or something, I'm sure you'll want to drop him a line:

loch lomond diabolo

easter weekend on the shores of loch lomond.

much fun was had walking and cycling around the loch, viewing the beautiful scottish landscape, and... spinning an hourglass shaped piece of plastic on a bit of string.

above is my first attempt at putting together a full length diabolo performance video. what do you think, any good? there's a larger version of the video with better sound at this link.

thanks to twilite for letting me use their song in this video. you can find out all about them here.

daffodil fascination

is there a name for the phenomenon where two flowers grow out of the same stem end like this? I'd really like to know...

EDIT: apparently it's called 'fascination'!
5th Apr 2012, 17:41   | tags:comments (6)

black diabolo

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it was an impulse buy... as much as I love my brightly coloured glary taibolos, I just couldn't shake the thought that owning a jet black diabolo would be completely awesome. so I bought a black taibolo super v2 and a reel of black string, and covered up the diabolo's washers (which are white) with black tape.

now I'm feeling truly evil... bwahahahahahaaa!!
28th Mar 2012, 20:46   | tags:,,comments (14)

bonus diabolo pic for taniwha

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taniwha's comment re last set of pics: "I like 5 the most. It looks like you are fishing with it somehow."

this is how you go fishing with a diabolo, mr t...
6th Mar 2012, 11:21   | tags:,comments (9)