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cz - cz - cz - czech!

8th Sep 2010, 16:46   | tags:comments (2)

le grand spectacle du moulin rouge

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26th Aug 2010, 13:40   | tags:,comments (4)

sous le ciel de paris...

1 le tour eiffel

2 la seine

3 le temple protestant de l'oratoire du louvre

4 le jardin du luxembourg

5 le cathedrale notre dame de paris

6 le musee du louvre
24th Aug 2010, 13:30   | tags:,comments (10)

fun with kinder surprise #7264: goatboy and the easter bunny versus the evil spinners of doom

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sing huzzah! the easter bunny emerged unscathed!

easter rebirth

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the plant that my little eggies are nestled within has a very special ability. being from the arid wilds of north africa it quickly dries up, curls into a ball and dies under the scorching hot sun. when the rainy season returns however, its branches open out and seeds are dispersed.

this particular plant has long since died, but whenever I add a bit of water to its base its branches open out slowly as if dispersing seeds, and a pleasing scent is released. it may be dead but it is programmed to act as if it is still alive. it will continue to do so for decades.

the plant's name is anastatica hierochuntica, colloquially known as rose of jericho, st mary's flower, and... resurrection plant.

s tuberosum

4th Apr 2010, 00:06   | tags:comments (7)

I am so bloody clever...

so I took apart the little plastic attachment on the top of my lomo fisheye camera and fiddled around with the little lenses inside. one lens, about four millimetres in diameter, I blu-tacked to the front of my camphone. and voila! instant macro-lens camera! I've always wanted one of these, and it didn't cost me a bean. not bad, huh?
6th Mar 2010, 12:22   | tags:,,comments (15)


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fresh, cold, invigorating...
4th Mar 2010, 19:51   | tags:,comments (3)