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happy 201st birthday

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guess whose birthday I was celebrating last night...?
13th Feb 2010, 10:06   | tags:,,comments (4)

the book of genesis

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since the new year I've been listening to the old testament as an audiobook. I read the bible many years ago but I'm using this method as a "refresher course." it's appropriate then that I got my hands on a pictorial assessment of the text, robert crumb's wonderful the book of genesis illustrated. far from being a cheap parody, it's an honest and accurate depiction of the first book of the bible. clearly I am not the only moblogger who owns this book.

the book is a joy to hold. the pages smell lovely, the paper is thick and pleasing to touch. with every turn of a page I crease down the edge, making the marks mine. I accidentally spilled some tea on the edge of one of the pages - I'll cherish that stain for years to come. reading holy texts in comicbook format is a rare pleasure I would recommend to people of all persuasions.

crumb's yahweh is unsmiling and paranoid, a straight up old-man-with-a-beard depiction with facial features based on crumb's father. eve is buxom and manly like all of crumb's women. I love the baffled and hopeless expressions of the natives, especially noah and abraham. when one of their family dies, the natives look utterly despondent.

shocking, beautiful and brutal at turns, crumb's genesis faithfully renders the most grotesque of all creation myths.

falkirk wheel in oatmeal

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I asked a pal if I should title this picture "falkirk wheel in green" - he informed me that the wheel "looks more of an oatmeal colour" and so the revised title is as above. he also had no shame in taking the piss out of my photography, stating that the picture was "taken from a bad angle" and has "a poor sense of scale". he'll be dead by lunchtime :)

forth road bridge: perspectives

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1 look up...

2 look down...

3 look across!

solemn saint andrews

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3rd Dec 2009, 12:23   | tags:,,comments (2)

rock retrospective

1 constructed concrete blocks, scheveningen, holland

2 swinside stone circle, cumbria, england

3 close-up of white limestone cliff, south downs, england

4 cathedral cemetery, saint andrews, scotland

5 igneous rock of arthur's seat, edinburgh, scotland

sidenote: I love rock.
30th Nov 2009, 18:37   | tags:,,comments (12)

leith retro

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some pictures of my local community, shot in semi-authentic 1970s rrretro styleeee...
29th Nov 2009, 17:39   | tags:,,comments (3)

stockbridge ripples

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I took this picture at a time when I was playing about with different film types, later opting solely for high contrast slide film. I'd already taken an initial shot of the pond ripples - visible at the top of the picture - and wanted to layer over a picture of a swan swimming in the pond. swans are fickle creatures so I decided to cycle at breakneck speed along the adjacent path, swung the holga low then took the second shot before the swan had a chance to fly away or attack me. that explains the unorthodox composition of the picture!
28th Nov 2009, 11:37   | tags:,,comments (6)