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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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Dodgy weather ahead

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21st Jul 2008, 23:40   comments (1)

More opportunistic headlines

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Bucks Free Press article here
21st Jul 2008, 23:37   comments (2)

No justice no peace 2

We held another peaceful vigil in town today to give out more information, to raise awareness and channel some of the concerns in a proper way. Alot of young
Asian lads hang around the shops on a Saturday afternoon and we knew that there would be some friction if we didn't facilitate something like this. Weather held up and though we didn't get as many numbers as Thursday about
30-40 but we had a number of vans, horses and back up police all around us expecting the worse. Will upload some video next week

No justice no peace...

We had a peaceful vigil for Habib tonight which went really well. 50-60 people attended all together to pay their respects but more importantly
show their concern and anger

Local papers

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Few of us are organising a peaceful
vigil outside the Police station tommorow as we continue to challenge
the official explanation that black people can be killed without killers...

Death in Police Custody

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On the 3rd of July Habib Ullah and two other individuals
were stopped in a car in a public car park just behind my
house in High Wycombe. There looks to have been a
struggle during which Habib passed out and subsequently
died. Habib or Paapu' as he was called was a well known
local dealer in the area but his death has raised very
real concerns about how the Police dealt with the incident
and how much force was used. The Police version of events
is the one that has gone out but there are of few of us
on the ground who are challenging their version.

Over the last year/eighteen months as well
increased surveillance in Asian/Muslim areas in HW
there have been an increased number of cases of
Police harasssment & incidents of Police heavy
handedness so for this to happen is shocking but
not surprising.

He had a young family and was the cousin of a mate
of mine and this has send ripples amongst some parts
of the community. Some of them feel that as a dealer
he had it coming to him but no one deserves to die
like this and the Police are not state excutioners as
far as I know...

Between 2006-2007 82 people died in Police Custody

Watch this space for more details and check da website links

here and here

Picture from demonstration last year for Nadeem Khan who
died in Police Custody last year in Burnley

Palestine Youth Visit

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Last week we hosted a group of young Palestinian
young people from the Lajee Centre in Bethlehem.
Many of them live in the Aida Refugee camp in that

More pics and details on the Moblog Highfields
Arts page here

More details about the Lajee Centre here

Top two photos by Pravin Patel (Arey vell dun young man!)

Barefoot walk to London

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I know not been around much. Longest I've left it
without putting up any pics. What can I say? Spend
weekdays in Leicester & weekends in Wycombe so tings
still hectic!

Anyways we've been supporting a number of iniaitives
during Refugee week. Emmanuel Neba Fuh is walking
barefoot from Derby to Downing St to highlight the
suffering and lack of human rights in Africa. He's
reaching PM's place today at 2pm approx so check news
(if they bother covering it).

Myself and another worker at the centre with a young
woman called Puja (who likes hanging around prisons at
5pm in the morning!) walked some of the Leicester route
with Emmanuel & his friends Tafi and Khumbula (who were
also refugees) out to some of the surrounding villages
in Leicestershire.

For more details check
here and here and BBC video here