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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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Todays headline

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My contribution to da Bucks Herald Forum today:

"No platform for racists! Don't give them a inch for their racist & fascist views. Didn't we fight a war against this kind of thing or do we all have short memories? The tinpot white supremacists here should know their own history. This lot would have Muslims deported or in concentration camps. You can dress it up however you want but the likes of Griffin need to be challenged.

Norman Brownside, Wycombe"

21st Feb 2008, 00:28   | tags:,,comments (2)

What is point?

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Belated Valentines greetings. But what is point?
15th Feb 2008, 23:14   | tags:,comments (1)

Do I live in a polarised world?

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My son has a new Sony Ericsson W960i. Lad has a flasher phone them me! Nicked his mum's upgrade so is now playing with all da settings. Caught me watchin' news @ ten
7th Feb 2008, 23:49   comments (7)

The price of progress?

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4th Feb 2008, 22:28   comments (2)

Linkin Park 28.1.08

Took my lad to the 02 Arena for his first
live concert. Can't say I'm a massive LP
fan but they rocked and there was even a
bit of hip hop in da mix
30th Jan 2008, 23:06   | tags:,comments (1)

Linkin Park 28.1.08

30th Jan 2008, 22:59   comments (0)

Fun in Fes 2

Mosques & Medinas were amazing and spent a bit
of time on the hotel roof checking the Ville
Nouvelle area out and people watching. Packed a
lot in over five days so still pretty worn out.
Had to get a flight to Barca Girona and then onto
Fes - on da way we stayed at a hotel but on da
way bak we crashed at Girona airport.

Pics from my Lumix DX1 and a Benq-Siemens EF81
17th Jan 2008, 23:17   | tags:,,comments (6)

Fun In Fes 1

Only took a few days off at Xmas/New Year so I
could take take some time off at da begining of
the year to take my Dad to Fes. One of the oldest
Islamic cities in da world but again like Istanbul
has a cosmopolitan side to it. There is something
about being in a modern Muslim city that does
something for me. Big love/salams to Fatima &
Atman who showed us around da old city.
17th Jan 2008, 23:08   | tags:,,comments (2)