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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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Futon Fun

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Pic my lad took. Took five of us several hours to finish
this MFI futon. Loads of fun. God I love flatpack furniture...
26th Nov 2006, 00:54   | tags:,,comments (10)


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Kept meaning to scan dis in. This is me in '87 being
a compere at an Anti-Apartheid gig at Edge Hill College
in Ormskirk. Place was ruff back then - out of something
like three thousand students there were half a dozen
Asian, African-Caribbean and Chinese students. I had
death threats made against me and National Front
magazines put in my pigeonhole. Got warned by the College
for threatening the entire College Rugby team. Lovely days...

Those of you with keen eyesight and a knowledge of the
independence movements in South West Africa will
spot da SWAPO teeshirt that I am wearing. Check da
chinese slippers as well.

Autumn Leaves

(viewed 1009 times)
17th Nov 2006, 01:08   | tags:,comments (2)

Lights outside my window

(viewed 1177 times)

Bonfire night

(viewed 1631 times)
5th Nov 2006, 22:48   | tags:,comments (1)

Malta 2

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Gigantija ruins on Gozo. Oldest free standing temple
in da world

Popeye Village

Path down to beach by our hotel

Serious sandcastles

Malta 1

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Some random Malta pics. Bottom one is me & my
lad in da sea.Pix taken with Lumix LX1 which I picked
up cheap before we went. It has a top wide angle lens
for those landscape shots.Had to really reduce down
pics for them to email so don't really do justice to some
of the photos you can take with it
3rd Nov 2006, 01:07   | tags:,,,comments (1)

Some time out...

Needed a break so me, family and Grandad all went to Malta for a week. Work is crazy so I need all da time off I can get

Otherwise I get grumpy...

Interesting installation thang at Malta Luqa Airport

My partner looking well peaceful
sleeping (she needed break too)

Aish lounging on da Gozo ferry.

Some interesting lines which I
found out were ancient cart ruts