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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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Racism, Liberty and the War on Terror Conference

Racism, Liberty and the War on Terror conference
on Saturday. Some inspirational speakers such as
Mouzaam Begg and Salma Yaqub and a good
chance to catch up wid a few peeps I hadn't seen for
a bit. No mainstream media but Al-Jarzeera was there
which speaks volumes about our media. The day was
not just about debunking orthodoxies but offering
strategies for the way forward. First pic is of Mouzaam
Begg, Guantanamo Bay survivor. Brother was heavy.

Salma Yaqub - Stop the War stalwart
dropping some truth

Plenary Panel with Siva and others

This is what it's about - having an analysis
that feeds your activism.

Me and my Uncle Siva. Mate of mine took
da pic and it was all outa focus hence my
use of PS.

Conway Hall - lovely old building full of the
history of left wing and Black resistance in da
UK. Chilled out in London and Tooting afterwards
wit my partner who came to the conference
wit me, and then to Collers Wood for a bit of
Lebanese cuisine.

Some words from da great man himself:

'The war on asylum and the war on terror -
one the unarmed invasion, the other the armed
enemy within, have produced the idea of a nation
under siege, and, on the ground, a racism that
cannot tell a settler from an immigrant, an
immigrant from an asylum seeker, an asylum
seeker from a Muslim, a Muslim from a terrorist.

All of us non-whites, at first sight, are terrorists
or illegals. We wear our passports on our faces -
or lacking them, we are faceless, destitute, taken
from our children, voided of the last shreds of
human dignity.'

A Sivanandan 16.9.06
18th Sep 2006, 11:19   comments (7)

Words for da wise

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My Uncle Siva has written for the Guardian today
challenging the rightwing backlash against Faith
& Black communities. Siva has been one of da
key Black intellectuals in this country over the
last fourty years. To check da article out go

He will be speaking at the Racism, Liberty and
the War on Terror conference on Saturday 16th
September. Other speakers include Gareth
Pearce, Mouzaam Begg (Guantanamo Bay
survivor) and Louise Christian. For more
details go here
13th Sep 2006, 17:15   comments (7)

Cutting it close

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Some petrol station in Aylesbury today.
12th Sep 2006, 22:18   comments (3)

Can't be arsed?

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Dedicated to Arshad Jaral, long time Community Race
Relations Officer in Wycombe but who also had this post
in Merton South London back in da 80's. Back then all
us youts used to call him Arsehole Jaral cos of his
anus licking tendancies towards senior officers in da
Council. When he moved to Wycombe the nickname
came up again. Apparently I missed a classic
meeting where an elderly community member got up
and addressed him as 'Mr Arsehole'. Priceless.
12th Sep 2006, 22:16   comments (1)

Keep da fire burning

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My first Moblog anniversary and I find myself wid my lad
lighting a fire in the back yard. Been an interesting year
bearing witness to the times we live in, and all da ups
and downs in High Veecombe. Dis blogging business
now seems part of my life.
10th Sep 2006, 21:25   | tags:,,comments (6)

A bit of good news...

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One of da lads from HW connected with the 'terror'
raids last month has been released tonight without
charge. He was one of da suspects I was closest
to and a user of one our boxing groups at
the Centre. Spoke to him tonight twenty minutes
after he left the Police station where he had been
detained for four weeks. It was good to hear his
voice and my joy is mixed with anger at da shit
him and his family have gone through and that his
name was released and in the public realm. Da
bruv will need support and theres already Press
encamped outside his door. There are so many
questions left unanswered wit dis whole
investigation but why an innocent Muslim man
had to endure a month inside is da biggest one
of all.

Big shout out to Waseem K - it's good to have
ya back in HW!

Cartoon from Times Online

Cops v Pakistani community

(viewed 1673 times)
Chilled out at Cricket match organised by the Police
against the Pakistani Community. All of us looking at
ways to reduce tensions in HW but we ain't naive enough
to realise that playing a cricket or footie match will reduce
some of them. Anyways Police got soundly beaten
and our small but vocal crew was well happy. Shout out to
little Irfan Akhtar who got two wickets on his 14th Birthday.

The Highfields Debate & Priya's 25th Anniversary

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In Highfields, Leicester yesterday doing some
freelance work and supporting a colleague. As part of
this day the Community Association inaugerated
the Highfields debate to bring together a groups of
activists who are engaged in community
development to look at our work in the context
of current 'terror' raids and right-wing attacks.

In da evening man like Lennox Carty - dub poet
and fellow activist and yours truly did some poems
and tributes to Priya Thamotheram who was
celebrating 25yrs of being in post at Highfields
Youth & Community Centre. With us were young
people from da area and a couple of lads from HW
Nuff respect to Spongebob Nadeem and Ali Akram.
Top night and some heavy vibes...
3rd Sep 2006, 19:58   | tags:,,comments (3)