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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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My weekend

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Took a few days off outa HW and we went down to my
Dads in Colliers Wood. There ain't no wood there no
more but these Town foxes are getting pretty tame.
This one chills on top of my Dad's shed and was
staring me out as if it was his territory. Went out
to the Pizza Hut in the new retail/hotel complex
they got goin' on at Abbey Mills. Apart from the
bit by the Wandle the area has no character now
but dis advert made me laugh. Found myself at an
engagement party for one of my wife's relatives
and da DJ's who came down went under this
name. I wanted to ask them whether they did...
28th Aug 2006, 11:21   | tags:,,comments (2)

Warrior or joker?

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Lad was wearing this tonight at work - was
on my way out so didn't get chance to talk
too much to him. When I asked him why
he was wearing it he didn't give me much
of a reply. Not the best time to be walking
around with this kind of sentiment on da
back of your jacket but will catch up wit
him soon before he gets picked up!

Some sense in all dis madness

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Gary Younge tells it as it is - read da article:

Birthday boy

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Birthday last week before events unfolded. Kids did
alot and brought me some nice prezzies. Dead cheap
me - so a cadburys gateau does it for me.
19th Aug 2006, 14:07   | tags:,,comments (10)


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TV companies payin' big money big money for a
story in HW at the mo. I know peeps who have
been offered 50K for video footage and to expose
some dirt on those arrested. On da ground tings still
grim - one more lad picked up today, guns and stuff
found in local woods which may have nothing to do wit
da incident but all a sudden have more significance in
HP13. Life goes on but havin' to risk assess a lot
more and meeting fatigue is getting to me. If I hear
another pillar/pillock of da community sayin' what a
tolerant town Wycombe is I will lose it. We ain't in
this country to be tolerated...
15th Aug 2006, 20:34   comments (7)

Live and direct

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9.39pm 11.8.06

Mad few days for da Doc. My worst nightmare has
come true and High Veecombe is well and truly under
investigation. Some of da brothers in this 'multiracial
and tolerant' town have allegedly been caught making
bombs.and planning some 'terrorist action'. It's very early
in da day but there have been no charges and no
evidence has been found. Whether the five are mixed up
in anything like this or they've just visited a few websites,
listened to some dodgy cleric and have more than one
copy of da Quran sharif in their house I don't know.

But the damage has been done...

In my role as a Youth & Community Worker serving the
Asian community in HW but also serving a patch of
deprivation where some of the suspects have been active.
I have spent the last 36 hrs in many meetings with cops,
so called 'community leaders' and one or two media whores.
I don't crave no spotlight so have kept well away from the TV
and press vultures who have descended on dis town. My
job is to engage wit young people and ensure that civil liberties
and peoples rights are not infringed. Da fallout from dis will
be massive and theres only a few of us on da ground that
recognise this. I know some of the guys that have been
picked up personally and it's been hard, really hard having
to work thru what's happening and consequences on da
streets. In da mean time HW is full of cops from out of town,
Muslim bros cruisin' around all pumped up and journalists
looking for a story.
11th Aug 2006, 21:56   comments (15)

Fwd: Stop the War Demo 5.8.06 Part 2

It takes all sorts...

Sit-in outside entrance to Downing Street

Shoe collection on the War Memorial in
Whitehall. STW Coalition asked for these
to highlight the number of children dying in

Very poignant sign I found at da end. Next time
I will bring my daughter as well

Bush n Blair make an appearance.

Heavies waiting for it to kick off. Reports said
there was a bit of trouble but to have these guys
on standby is overkill.

Maybe they were responding to the shoes
being thrown at Downing street...

Been on some many demos throughout da years
but yesterdays like da ones in 2003 struck me in the
sheer diversity of peeps who turned up. Like Maggie
said there were Jewish and Muslim groups there as
well as your usual suspects and fringe groups. Need
ta stay strong and stay militant.
6th Aug 2006, 22:25   comments (2)

Stop the War Demo 5.8.06 Part 1

Me and my lad went to the national stop the war demo
in Central London on Saturday.

Love handmade signs like these

True words

This guy seemed to be in a world of his
own or perhaps deep in prayer and

Love dis

Nuff respect to da disabled bro who came out

This was a big demo - not as big as da ones in 2003
but da Police were having a laugh wid their estimate
of 20,000. Must have been at least 80,000 to 100000

Carnival atmosphere in some sections of the demo.
6th Aug 2006, 22:10   comments (5)