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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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Qana Massacre 30.7.06

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'I'm looking at a child being brought out of the rubble,
in fact two children I can now see, being carried
towards me by civil defense workers.I guess they
may be eight or nine years old, two little boys,
they're right beside me now, but they're dead,
they're dead and they're being taken to ambulances
which are further up the road.As they move away I'm
just coming back around now to the building itself,
which was a large apartment building which has just
collapsed and we were told there was a large number
of people inside there, mostly women and children.
What opportunities did people have to get out?
Well look it's as simple as this, you tell people to
move south, when they move south they get bombed
or caught up in cross fire its an appalling choice. For
people to have to make, this is a body of a 15 year
old boy passing near me now.This is the body of a
child, I guess it's a seven years old boy.These people
have no money to pay to get out, these are poor people
they can not afford to move out of their villages.'

BBC's correspondent from the village of Qana right after the massacre

Pic from 1-2 many peaches blog here here

Update: Emergency National Demo in London Aug 5th
12 Noon Hyde Park to Parliament Square - check here

Support your local shops

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Used to have a proper vinyl/CD fixation back in da
day spending thirty pound a week (or more) on tunes.
Nowadays pick up da odd CD from places like
this. Internet and tings like Ebay have killed off
Independant record shops together with the big
shopping complexes that developers seem top
be so fond of.

Local kebab shop. Took da pic with my new 2
megapixel M600. Da owner Mobi makes a top
mixed kebab with fresh nan
31st Jul 2006, 18:22   | tags:,comments (4)

Die with love

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Jewish children writing messages onto shells at a
heavy artillery position near Kiryat Shmona, in northern
Israel, next to the Lebanese border.

Mass graves in Tyre in Lebanon where many of da
fatalities were children. We also now have Red Cross
vehicles which are being hit - these must be a big threat
I suppose.

A cartoon from a Palestinian blog. This war according to
da stuff I've come across is the most blogged war ever.

Not necessarily taking a pro Hizbullah line but da stats
about the number of deaths reported in da Guardian
today and in G's blog
just show the real story.

I measure these things really simply - who is actually
dying, who is suffering da most? When you have ten times
more Lebanese dying then Israelis it makes you wonder
who is acting aggressively and like a 'terrorist'? Or do
these distinctions stop when we talk about people in
uniforms making decisions to target surgical strikes
against children?

You work it out...

All pics/cartoons and some of da info from Wikipedia and
from these sites:


Antelope graf

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Always funny when you see some graf about someone
u know. In this case one of my lads from da youth club.
Can be a bit of a prat sometimes but mostly he is safe
with me. But no way does he look like a little antelope

20th Jul 2006, 21:49   | tags:,comments (0)

On da Rye

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My first attempt of a panoramic pic from software that
Spongevid (not u Bob!) recommended.Chilling on
Wycombe Rye after my First Aid assessment.
20th Jul 2006, 21:48   comments (1)

Adventures with Anne

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Every few years I meet up wit Anne during First Aid
training as I have to do da full 4day/2day refresher
course for work. She ain't da most amazing
conversationalist I've ever met and I don't really go
for blondes. Did wind up some my lads a few years
back when we were running a young people's First
Aid course, that they would be have to do their CPR
training on a live model called Anne. Tutor started the
session and halfway thru pulled out Anne from a big
vinyl holdall. You shoulda seen da evils I got from
those guys. Anyways one or two got a bit excited
doing mouth to mouth on her...
19th Jul 2006, 21:42   | tags:,,comments (6)

Product placement

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Apart from going out with da niece of the owner of
Rubicon drinks back in da day I have no connection
with any soft beverage company. But I do love dis
drink which I get from my local Medina store. In the
lovely weather we are having right now dis hits da
spot. It does have 'bits' in it so all of you fussy types
(yea, you Fiz) better keep away. Seek it out fellow
18th Jul 2006, 21:36   | tags:,comments (5)

Blood will have blood

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I've been lucky to visit both Pakistan and India in da
last six months and deplore anything that will push
those two countries apart. Maybe it's me but this
don't seem to have the same coverage as the Bali or
Madrid bombings even though da final death toll will
be the same or more. I suppose there weren't too
many tourists around. Peeps also jumpin' to the
conclusion that it was Muslims when there have
been terrorist acts and assassinations carried out
by Sikhs and Hindus in India's history.
Sepia Mutiny have an interesting article here
which takes another angle on events

Peace and one love to all South Asians. Don't let
the communalists divide us...

Pics from Ultrabrown blog
14th Jul 2006, 00:06   | tags:,,comments (24)