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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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Local history (DocD style)

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Y'know ya getting old when stuff like this interests you.
But seriously though I used to play around here when I
was a kid. Don't remember da old Merton Park station
but definately remember the old railway track. It's
only afterwards that I found out about William Morris
and Merton Priory and all that stuff. My Mum used to
work in one of the nearby factories when we were kids
and there was big Paper Mill opposite the Bus Garage.
I went to Alphea Middle School (RIP) jus' down da road.

Both pics from some old Railways site I went on.

Travels down South

Chilled out in Collers Wood & Tooting over weekend.
Always love going down da Broadway - shops have
changed but da cheap kebab rolls remain. Shared a
flat here with some guys almost 20yrs ago where we
used to hang in the Starburger and some of da dodgy
pubs in the area. Used to buy tunes from Goodness
Records and another place just up da road where the
Rainbow Halal shop is now.

Went down to Abbey Mills wid da family. Made a mess
of it wid KFC/Pizza hut and some yuppie flats but the
market and the Mills are still special. Though I can
remember the time when this was all waste land and
the old railway track used to run past Station Road.

Mystery shoes

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Dead pheasants and now a pair of shoes left together
just across da road from my house. Whats going on?
18th Mar 2006, 00:45   | tags:,comments (1)

Islamic graf

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Had a Muslim graf artist down my centre at the weekend
giving a talk and demonstration. Out of town that day
but he left a piece on one of the walls outside.

Check out his site:
and news about him:

14th Mar 2006, 00:11   | tags:,comments (5)

Political Incorrectness

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'To align yourself with the powerful and then take
aim at the powerless takes not one ounce of valour.
To prop up prevailing hierarchies and orthodoxies
rather than challenge them demands not a scintilla
of bravery.'

Top article by Gary Younge, Guardian journo out in
Monday's edition and very relevant in the context of
my last blog entry and what I see on certain sites.
Gary is a progressive journalist who I respect alot.
Also big up for using da word 'scintilla'. .

Scintilla n. Latin for "spark." Scintilla is commonly
used in reference to evidence, in the context that
there must be a "scintilla of evidence" (at least a
faint spark) upon which to base a judgment.

Check out article here

What's in a word?

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'I don't believe the situation is defused yet, but I do
believe there is a way to do so, and we are working
hard to convince both the Indians and the Pakis there's
a way to deal with their problems without going to war.'

George Bush
Monday, 7 January, 2002

Nice to see Bush in Pakistan given the comments he
made back in 02. When it was explained to him that
Pakistanis see the word as being offensive he is
reported as saying:'Huh? Why are those ragheads
upset about my little nickname for them?'.

Been checking a few webspace sites and blogs and
have seen da increasing usage of da word 'Paki/Pakie'
together with 'Raghead' and despite sites like MSN
Spaces having a code of conduct about 'prohibited
use' of content that is racist or incites hatred it seems
that clowns like da guy above and also people who are
themselves Pakistani/Indian/Arab are colluding with
racist language and stereotyping.

It's not just about da times that we live in, the term
'Paki' has a shameful and racist history. I grow up in
da seventies and eighties where at times 'Paki bashing'
was a national sport and I had some serious run-ins wit
skinheads and football hooligans. I went on marches and
was involved in campaigns where Asians & African
Caribbean people were killed just for the colour of their
skins. One incident to this day stands out when I was in
court as an observer at a trial of a racist gang in
Manchester who killed a Pakistani taxi driver and shop
keeper in da space of a week. I remember one of da guys
on trial saying in his defence 'but your Honour he
was only a Paki...'

Richard Pryor put it so well when he described the time
where he stopped using the word 'nigger', he said that it
was a word that described da wretchedness of African
Americans and by using it perpetuated this. It don't matter
that 'Paki' is the first four letters of Pakistan or that you
hear some of my brown skinned brudders and sistas using
it - it as wrong as it was da first time I heard it...


Top two pics from BBC

Dead pheasant down Dashwood Avenue

(viewed 1368 times)
Went to go to work and find this just outside my house.
Sinister warning from someone I have pissed off or some
locals doing some poaching on Lord Dashwoods land?
Maybe a road kill I dunno. My mate said hang it up and
cook it. Could be the kids wit air rifles who've been
shooting down neighbours homing pigeons .
28th Feb 2006, 20:33   | tags:comments (1)

India update 10

More random pics. Overall India was a profound
experience for me. In many ways it is a sensory
overload - like watching 100 TV channels all at the
same time. But there is a certain rthymn of life that
I can appreciate.Been to Pakistan a number of times
but never to 'Bharat' but there are many similarities.

Hope da pics capture what it was like and thanks y'all
for feedback so far. Tried to take photos that avoided
fetishing and exoticising Indian culture and certain things
we weren't allowed to take photos of. Will take away the
kindness and hospitality shown by a lot of family and
friends and folks we met but also the very real hardships
that people suffer at a time where India is seen to be a
booming economy. A beauty mixed with despair...
24th Feb 2006, 23:40   | tags:,comments (5)