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Yes, yes people I have emerged from my self realised obscurity to bestow knowledge on all headz. Used ta be out and about now strictly lying low dispensing wisdom.
Too much going down to stay quiet, now all of us have to rise up and speak truth to power.

There has to be more to us than dhal roti and Nokia phones...



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A visit to County Hall 2

(viewed 1543 times)
Less words, more pictures

Da original and the best. No other chemically
enhanced flavoured water tastes like it

Street Entertainer Basketball Jones who roped
yours truly into his japes

Walking past the London Eye to go home
29th Oct 2005, 12:37   | tags:,comments (1)

A visit to County Hall

(viewed 1660 times)
Don't know if anyone was in London on Thursday
but it was a beautiful day. Took the kids down to the
London Aquarium in da old County Hall. Now this
place and I share some serious history going back
to 1984. I was involved as a yout with the Greater
London Council (GLC) who helped to to set up my
own theatre company - Action In Reaction Theatre
which toured around schools and colleges.
I bunked school to do it. Funny going back and
I need to give a big shout out to Pam Nanda and
Amin Cajee wherever they are for setting me
on my way...

Love this sign. Couldn't tell whether the sharks were
stressed out or not as they were just headbutting the
sides of the tank. As for the natural courtship behaviour
I have to show you the scar my missus gave me...
29th Oct 2005, 12:36   | tags:,comments (2)

Surprise Cake

(viewed 1585 times)
My two kids made me a cake today as it's half term.
Most ambitous project yet and I am filled with pride
(and cake). These guys are getting good and rest
assured it got demolished.
26th Oct 2005, 00:47   | tags:comments (5)

Unnamed Hurricane

(viewed 2035 times)
This is freaky sunrise in Wycombe. Da good doctor
has been doing housecalls hence the lack of entries
lately. So been up at 5/6am a few times (bad news).
Read some article about how hurricanes get their
names and that if they don't hit the shore they don't
get named. This has got me thinking that there are
so many natural and man-made disasters that we
don't hear about not 'cos they don't reach land but
because they don't impact in a massive way. For
a lot of people in this planet every day is a disaster
and a struggle to survive - we just don't notice as it's
drip drip slow. As a copper said in New Orleans as
the poor rushed to get out of the way of da storms:
'I didn't know that these people even existed'

These thoughts going to my mans who go for smokes
on their balconies and wonder why a brother like me
writes real shit. Yea I know it's buggin' you but have
you ever thought why?
24th Oct 2005, 00:42   | tags:,comments (3)

Here comes da rain again

(viewed 1016 times)
Rainclouds gathering over the Mosque and
somethings going down. Been another stabbing
and tings have been a bit tense locally. Up the
road in Brum theres more storm clouds brewin'.
Got a email a few days ago regarding an alleged
assault of a Caribbean girl and lo and behold on
Saturday all hell breaks out in Lozells. Already
one fataility and loads wounded quite badily.
But peeps this ain't new - we've been here before
in '81 and '85 and then in 2001and whatever has
been the catalyst for this we are still looking of
groups of inner city youts who got a grievance
that nobodys dealin' with. It shows the power of
rumours and how quickly tings can turn and get
out of control, but it also shows that 20 years
on there are still young people who have no faith
or a stake in the system.

"Violence is the voice of the unheard"

Martin Luther King

24th Oct 2005, 00:41   | tags:comments (0)

Old School Stereos

(viewed 1604 times)
Sick of all these flash gits with their nanos and ipods.
Back in da day when you carried music around with
you u knew u were carrying it. I was also one of those
guys who walked around wit a massive ghettoblaster.
These are no doubt worth a bomb and more sad gits
are selling these on ebay. Of course I want one...
bring back C90's and chrome maxell tapes.

Big shout out to all of us who had spangles and toffos
the first time around.
13th Oct 2005, 00:42   | tags:,comments (1)

Day trip to da Big Smoke

(viewed 1904 times)
Me and the family decided to go down to London
for the day by train. Marylebone closed so had
to go Paddington Station which is huge and impressive.

Love buildings where the old signs have been
uncovered. This is near Parliament Hills side

Went down to Hampstead Heath to check out the
Big table /chair thing which did nuthin' for me.Finally
found an enigmatic poem by an Iranian writer Parvis
Owsia on a park bench. Not what I was thinking of
finding in NW3.
11th Oct 2005, 01:00   | tags:comments (2)

Friendly pressure

(viewed 1590 times)
Love this time of year. Lads are fasting and I think
the food/cig/spliff deprivation gets to them and they
get funny in da head. All kinds of mans get silly and
start jumping students, throwing eggs and fireworks
into shops and being abusive. It's hard enough just
being who u are sometimes so submitting to da
stereotype and acting da thug jus' makes things
crazy at a street level. Boys get all pumped up & want
to show off and up the ante and thats where da
weapons come in. Nice little pic of a weapons haul
seized by local Police officers off school kids - this is
what they were bringing into school to settle some
scores. Now I don't just blame young people 'cos
that is too easy (leave that for politicians). These
guys get weapons off older people in the community
- their Uncles, older brothers, a lot of da time old family
feuds are taken up by kids who don't even know why
they've got a beef with number 23 Dogshit Avenue.
Many of them have learned to fight because they don't
know how to negotiate their way out of situations or
even their own lives. Meanwhile the prisons get full
of our young people and I do more court references
then job references. Between 1993 and 2003 the
non-white prison population in da UK jumped from
16% to 25%. We're only 6% of the total population.

You work it out.
8th Oct 2005, 02:20   | tags:,comments (1)