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lxs lnn wgnr lvs vwls. rlly.


what goes in my ears?
see hears. (my audioscrobbler page)

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21st May 2006, 03:33   comments (3)

sm kd sd t knw

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not finished and probably won't finish. am good about that.
20th May 2006, 19:53   comments (1)


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5th May 2006, 06:09   comments (0)

'd lk t s y, bt 'm gng blnd.

(viewed 1431 times)
19th Apr 2006, 02:32   comments (9)

dd thngs

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19th Apr 2006, 02:11   comments (3)

fkng t

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without having a camera phone, I'm 99.999999% sure I actually see the world differently.

it's not a bad thing, exactly, but, it's not good. I don't really look anymore, and that could be plain old blues, but, I don't think that's all.
19th Apr 2006, 01:43   comments (0)

hy, y'v gt t hd yr lv wy

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I found my favorite hat today. (in perfect time to wear it to the zoo, where it protected me from getting sunburned. prevented my face from getting as badly burned as the crescent piece of my shoulders/neck where my jacket and shirt didn't cover.)
I've had the hat for a really long time, but it'd been burried under a large tangle of ties for a good year or so.
3rd Apr 2006, 03:10   comments (4)


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from is really short. (soon to be black with a little bit of some
undecided odd color, i think)
have been listening to the nirvana song "Do Re Mi" more than anyone should
working a lot
officially hate myself and feel awful every day for falling out of
touch with / neglecting people. it's easier to hate myself than remedy
the situation and interact with people, now.
that's a sign of good mental health.i'm also going to try and get a phone with a camera on it. because
videotaping things is getting ridiculous.
1st Apr 2006, 17:50   comments (8)