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just below the waist - of the female variety - taken from the hip - in and around the city (or where ever my cameraphone happens to be!) The feminine derriere whether it be petite or a real fat booty - it's like watching poetry in motion. This moblg is a tribute to the agile glutimus maximus of the women of the city - shake your stuff ladies!

If any of you gals take offence and want your image removed then I would be more than pleased to do so. Obviously I will need substantive proof of identity.

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l-spy a tatooed arse

(viewed 2913 times)
10th Sep 2004, 18:47   comments (5)

What a wiggle

(viewed 4828 times)
10th Sep 2004, 18:41   comments (0)

Tesselating touche

(viewed 1340 times)
This arse hypnotised me
9th Sep 2004, 22:32   comments (0)

Lady in Red

(viewed 1118 times)
9th Sep 2004, 22:26   comments (0)

Will the Summer come back?

(viewed 2059 times)
15th Jul 2004, 16:04   comments (8)


A small selection of the booty that passed by the camera lens this morning in old London town
11th Jun 2004, 12:56   comments (0)

North and South

(viewed 1023 times)
5th Jun 2004, 00:17   comments (0)

Keyboard booty

(viewed 1143 times)
29th May 2004, 16:18   comments (0)
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