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Our congratulations and a Sony Ericsson K700i handset go to mikey for this fabulous photo. Well done mikey, and well done everyone else who took part, some excellent photos from you all.

The theme of this moblog competition is "fourteen days", take your own meaning from that, and send something strong and vital in from your future phone, something to stand alongside images taken by celebrities like Irvine Welsh and Helena Christensen, who are also taking part. moblogUK is happy to be working in association with href="" target="_blank">the art of imaging site in bringing you this competition.

The best entries win tickets to the opening night on the 16th of September at Camdens' Proud Gallery, and a Sony Ericsson K700i. Send us your best entry! And tell your mates, anyone can join in.

Remember to put your name in the title/subject field so we know who you are if you aren't already a member of - Above all, enjoy!

NOTE: the maximum size for your images is 350Kb, any images bigger than this will be rejected by the server.

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Keep the Doctor away for fourteen days.

(viewed 1211 times)

posted by kadamontaga

8th Sep 2004, 19:14   comments (2)

Lens flare in the sunshine

(viewed 1080 times)
Does this image really have anything to do with 'fourteen days', or am I
just posting it because I think it's pretty? It's a mystery, and really,
isn't that reason enough to give me a free phone? That's a mystery too.

posted by kadamontaga
8th Sep 2004, 11:09   comments (3)

2 paychecks for 14 days work

(viewed 1167 times)

posted by ookiine

8th Sep 2004, 01:42   comments (3)

how many 14s can you count?

(viewed 1412 times)
dare you go to the dark side?

posted by Rich
8th Sep 2004, 00:43   comments (5)

Fort Night

(viewed 1370 times)
The Fort Shopping Centre at night.

posted by Hotdog

8th Sep 2004, 00:28   comments (5)

two weeks of justice

(viewed 1000 times)

posted by mat

8th Sep 2004, 00:02   comments (0)

nice (rare) summery day...

(viewed 994 times)

posted by Nay
7th Sep 2004, 19:30   comments (0)


(viewed 1038 times)

posted by nomad

7th Sep 2004, 15:50   comments (2)