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"Who is the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?" Obi-Wan Kenobi
Thanks for starting this Nige, I was really stuck for something to do in all that spare time I've got these days.
365 days? that's a whole year, right?
OK, let's see how it goes.
For anyone reading this who's not sure what it's about;
Our good (and slightly twisted) friend Nige has thought up another cracker.
Start a new blog and post a self portrait every day for the next 12 months. That's 365 posts, one a day, every day, without fail, of the same subject. Simple? yeah, right.
These other eejits are doin'it too! Join us!
My defective ear
365 Degrees of Kyoob
My left ear
Whose shoes
Slice of life
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366x Picasa Collage

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Here's the Picasa-Collage then.
Big version HERE
Pretty dam cool app!
5th Jul 2008, 13:38   comments (8)

Last Post!

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Number 366

The End

Mission Accomplished

No "big finale", just me & my cases packed and ready to head to Dusseldorf
for the flight to Perth WA this afternoon, see my Mummy & Daddy again.

It's been a blast, no really, this blasted blog has been, well, it's been.

Every day for a year, a self portrait, same subject, 366 times over. Doddle
(not), it was much harder than I imagined.
I didn't learn anything "profound" about myself, it didn't change my life,
taught me a little self-discipline maybe.
Annoyed the hell out of me most days, made me laugh other days.
Done & dusted now, time for a break.

Farewell all.

5th Jul 2008, 09:29   | tags:,comments (9)

Last week, Friday

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There was this really old motorbike in Ashford this morning, a "Bohmerland"
(no, neither have I) and the engine block said "Liebsch-motor".
Big long yellow and red thing.
The mirror was the back end of the (electric) claxon.
4th Jul 2008, 21:51   | tags:,comments (2)

Last week, Thursday

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It's been lovely weather, quite unusual for Wimbledon week.
4th Jul 2008, 21:26   | tags:,comments (0)

last week, Wednesday

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Good job I didn't stop at Thurles yesterday, I really needed the two hours
it took to Ennes at the end of the day.
Limerick is pretty south-west in Ireland, next stop was 180km further
Really out in the sticks, through the mountains and lakes south of
Killarney, down the N71 to Kenmare.
Amazing road, not at all suitable for a 44 ton artic, but hey, it was fun!
This picture is of the inside of the Rosslare to Fishguard ferry.
4th Jul 2008, 21:23   | tags:,comments (0)

Last week, Tuesday

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Ennes, west of Limerick.
SirFG & SWMBO are in Thurles on holiday, so was I this afternoon but we
couldn't hook up.
I was looking forward to that pint of Guinness.
Watch a DVD now I s'pose.
4th Jul 2008, 21:14   | tags:,comments (1)

Last week, Monday

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I use these doggy-trimmers to do my hair, once in a while.
They're crap, held together by tape.
I start with a #3, the shoe-plate-foot thing slips off and I have to tidy-up with the #2.
Then the same happens with the #2 guide so I trim up with the #1, which also slips.
All that's left is the bare blades, #0, and this is the result.
I also seem to have a scar on the top/left of ma heed, I've no idea where it came from.
4th Jul 2008, 20:09   | tags:,comments (5)

"Betaald" = "Paid"

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I got stamped.
Went round to watch Nick's band "Social Outcast" perform and to take some
pics, had to pay to get in!!
29th Jun 2008, 12:59   | tags:,comments (7)