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I also have some higher-res photos here, taken with a real digital camera :)

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Sugru hack - penknife handles

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The handles had cracked off these penknives - in one case due to abuse, in
the other due to poor build quality - so I Hacked Them Better. Each side of
each knife required one 5g packet, so four in total. The bottom one's green
(I'd just got back from the Scottish Green Party conference, and was feeling
enthusiastic), and the top one's a mixture of green and blue. Green and
black would probably have been better. Drying both sides at once had me
scratching my head, but I solved the problem with the top of a cocktail
shaker. I impressed my initials into the uncured Sugru with a penknife blade
- what else? :-)
10th Nov 2010, 11:51   | tags:comments (1)


(viewed 693 times)
This is one week's moustache growth. I'm going to try to keep this up for the whole of November.

Please donate:
8th Nov 2010, 14:42   | tags:comments (0)

Worst. Bike lock. Ever.

(viewed 1636 times)
6th Nov 2010, 10:13   comments (0)

Making coffee, Vietnamese stylee

(viewed 542 times)
22nd Oct 2010, 12:10   comments (0)

Is yoghurt improved by soy sauce? Place bets now!

(viewed 592 times)
It is, to my surprise. Really quite delicious.
20th Oct 2010, 13:53   comments (0)

Rigging methods, take 2

(viewed 2087 times)
1) sliding X: note extension-limiting knots and crossing point in the
middle. Leave out the latter and your belay is worthless if either placement
2) cordelette.
6th Oct 2010, 10:50   comments (10)

Rigging methods

(viewed 1259 times)
1) sliding X
2) cordelette

EDIT: upon looking at these pictures, I realise that neither of these is rigged very well! In particular, the sliding X lacks limiter knots, and the cordelette's very poorly equalised. Please don't use these to learn from - they were only ever intended for illustration anyway. I'll try to take some better pictures tomorrow.
2nd Oct 2010, 11:26   comments (2)

Moved in!

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Now, to unpack...
27th Sep 2010, 11:34   comments (2)