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I also have some higher-res photos here, taken with a real digital camera :)

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Being a guinea-pig

Last week I spent a couple of days being a practice client for a Mountain Instructor Award exam up at Glenmore Lodge in Aviemore. These were taken on the first day, when we did some multi-pitch rock-climbing at Huntly's Cave.

1. Duncan, the candidate, belaying Molly up Right-Hand Groove (V.Diff).
2. Al, the examiner, observes all.
3. Another group on Step Over (V.Diff).
4. Looking up Slot Direct (S).
5. Another exam group.
6. Duncan and Al's abseil ropes hanging over Cave Route (HS).
7. Molly, my fellow guinea-pig.

Duncan's put some more photos up here.
13th Aug 2010, 15:33   | tags:,comments (0)

Sugru razor cover

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Double-edged razors are great, but I quickly came to wish I'd spent the extra pound to get one with a clip-on travel cover. Sugru to the rescue!

1. Cover razor head in foil.
2. Cover foil in Sugru.
3. Roll top surface on clean kitchen table to make the surface smooth.
4. After the Sugru's cured, trim off the excess foil and remove the cover - you'll probably have to make nicks in the corners for easy removal/insertion.
13th Aug 2010, 14:05   | tags:comments (0)

Milliput hack

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My bike light kept turning itself on in my bag or pocket. Protecting the
switch with some milliput has made the problem largely go away.
25th Jul 2010, 10:29   comments (3)

Made it!

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I've been cycling from my home to the Forth Bridges, a little over ten
miles. Just arrived, two hours after setting out.

Now to go home...
18th Jul 2010, 19:17   comments (0)

Ph34r my m4d tutorial-following sk1llz!

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18th Jul 2010, 15:42   comments (0)

Make mine a cold one

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Found some beer I'd forgotten buying! Unfortunately, it was in the freezer.
18th Jul 2010, 15:42   comments (0)

Space-age lavvies in Kirkwall, Orkney

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18th Jul 2010, 15:42   comments (0)


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The makers of this innocent hemp-based snack seem unaware of the
countercultural significance of the name they chose for it. How embarrassing
for them!
2nd Jul 2010, 13:17   comments (2)