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I also have some higher-res photos here, taken with a real digital camera :)

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As you can see, my foot is now verruca-free. All hail the bazuka and corn knife combo.
26th Apr 2009, 18:39   comments (23)

My thesis now has integral signs in

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... does that make me a proper scientist? :-)

Of course, I'm using the symbol for something entirely unrelated to
ordinary integration...
14th May 2008, 15:04   comments (1)

Four Summit Hike Part 3

1. The summit cairn on Beinn Dubhcraig. Compare it to how it looked a month ago!
2. Ben Nevis on the horizon.
3. Descending the East ridge to Tyndrum.
4. The site of an abandoned gold mine?
5. Ben Lui again, with Coire Gaothaich in the centre. I just can't get
enough of that mountain - it's so dramatic.
6. The bridge we needed to cross to get back to the road. Hopefully it'll
give you some idea of the steepness of that section...
7. Walking back along the river.
8. The side of Beinn Dubhcraig.
9th May 2008, 14:58   comments (0)

Four Summit Hike Part 2

1. Looking down into the Coire Gaothaich.
2. People standing on the summit of Ben Lui.
3. Philipp, looking stylish and fashion-conscious. It was unexpectedly
sunny and hot that day, and I got badly sunburned.
4. Looking back at the summit of Ben Lui.
5. Ben Lui, from the long, flat ridge that leads to Ben Oss.
6. Some guys we met on the summit of Ben Oss, who furnished us with useful
7. Beinn Dubhcraig, from the saddle.
8. From near to the top of Beinn Dubhcraig: Ben Oss (left), Ben Lui
(right). Coire Gaothaich is the corrie on the right of Ben Lui.
9th May 2008, 14:47   comments (1)

Four Summit Hike Part 1

On Monday, my friend Philipp and I fulfilled a long-standing ambition by walking the entire Ben Lui ridge in one day, starting from Dalmally when the train came at 1045 in the morning and arriving into Tyndrum in time for the last train back at 1915. It's about 25km, and goes over four Munros - Beinn a'Chleibh (916m), Ben Lui (or Beinn Laoigh to give it its Sunday name - 1130m), Ben Oss (1029m) and my old nemesis Beinn Dubhcraig (978m). You can see our approximate route at .

1. The beginning of the walk in.
2. The ground didn't stay that nice - we had to walk over a lot of horrible clumpy grass. At least it wasn't too wet underfoot, as it had been on previous visits.
3. We had this small hill in view for most of our ascent of Beinn a'Chleibh. It's less than the magic 3,000 feet, so it Doesn't Count :-)
4. Ben Lui, from the summit of Beinn a'Chleibh.
5. Looking back at Beinn a'Chleibh from the saddle point between the two mountains. Looks like there could be some interesting climbing there... (we came up the other side, which is much less dramatic).
6. The view from most of the way up Ben Lui.
7. Looking back down at Beinn a'Chleibh. Note the size of the people in the snow patch.
8. The summit of Ben Lui, from the North Summit. The classic climb up Coire Gaothaich is on the left.
9th May 2008, 14:42   comments (2)

Ben Starav and Beinn nan Aighenan 3

Pictures from the descent. All pretty self-explanatory. We'd hoped to do at least one (and possibly three) more mountains, but we were short of time and fitness, and had underestimated the travel time between mountains.

In the last picture, Ben Starav is on the right, with the summit just out of sight behind the corrie. Beinn nan Aighenan is completely out of sight behind the ridge. The mountain on the left is Glas Beinn Mor, which was our third objective - the other bump on the ridge is less than 3000ft high, and thus Doesn't Count :-)
30th Apr 2008, 03:53   comments (0)

Ben Starav and Beinn nan Aighenan 2

  1. The summit ridge of Ben Starav

  2. Lunch on the summit of Ben Starav. Philipp, Bart, Michael.

  3. The party ahead of us, making good speed. We chatted to them for a bit on
    the summit - to my astonishment, I didn't have the oldest ice-axe present
    (1970, to my 1971).

  4. Which way up?

  5. The view from the summit of our second mountain, Beinn nan
30th Apr 2008, 03:52   comments (0)

Ben Starav and Beinn nan Aighenan

When the code and the comments disagree, both are probably wrong.
-- Norm Schryer
30th Apr 2008, 03:33   comments (0)