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Welcome to the official Moblog for Maximo Park - the Maximoblog.

This is where the band post photos of whatever takes their fancy that they think might be of interest to the wider public, from the mundane (backstage) to the spectacular (Archis' hair).

But they are not the only ones, as this Maximoblog is open to you!

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Letterpressed broadside with Paul's words

(viewed 3231 times)
Hey boys,

I letterpressed this broadside (basically, a poster) incorporating Maximo
lyrics and corresponding imagery.
The text is the second verse of Acrobat, and was set in movable type. The
imagery is what I see when I hear those words, and was carved by hand out of
two linoleum blocks.

On the back right corner I printed Paul's name. Originally, I had planned to
print it small on the front along with the text; but I wanted the name far
enough removed from the text so as to not take away from it.. and as it
turned out, for that to work on the front, the name would have had to be
printed somewhere that would then take away from the image. Couldn't have
that happen either. I'm pleased with the result - it's a nice surprise to
see the name large on the back if you happen to turn the print over :)

I printed these in an edition of 30 and would absolutely love for you boys
to have one. Is that at all possible?

Thanks for the inspiration, for the wonderful music, and for being so
incredibly kind when we've met in San Francisco :)

With love,


Posted by weightwisecoach04

28th Oct 2008, 06:17   comments (0)

Young Fan's Drawing

(viewed 2858 times)
Hey Guys

Here's a drawing my son has done of you all. I think he has done a really
good job of Paul and Lukas!




Posted by loganberry

10th Oct 2008, 10:51   comments (3)

Fundraiser at the forum.

(viewed 2986 times)
Thought Id put this on here so it doesnt get lost in the spam of the forum,and thanks to those who bought a signed bootleg & chipped in with ?105,Sav.

Posted by isitsav

21st Sep 2008, 18:39   comments (1)

Mon the Shoe

Hi Guys =)

Here are some pictures of my selfmade "Mon the Shoe" it was a lot of work, but since two years II had this shoe in my mind...
... and tadaaaaa, here it is =)

There Maximo-premiere was on 10th august this year in Amsterdam and well, they looked brilliant at the venue ;-)
I was very excited, two know, what Paul would say to this shoes.... but he said nothing =( he don't even took a look and signed them on the wrong place =(
I was a really disapointedabout that - hopefully I found Tom. He took a closer look, said "Wow, nice Artwork" and signed them on the yellow-cotten.

Do you like this shoes?
I hope you will =) =)

Kind regards from
Simon (lurp on the internet)

Posted by lurp

21st Aug 2008, 14:11   comments (1)

Photos from Edinburgh Corn Exchange gig

(viewed 4090 times)
Please find attached pictures of Paul and Duncan from the Edinburgh gig on 18th August (The Edge festival) for the blog. There were a few technical hitches with the sound, but still a great night!



Posted by chaudharyfilm

20th Aug 2008, 03:20   comments (1)

Girls Who Play Guitar

(viewed 3385 times)

Posted by Alfie

FW: Maximo@Hurricane Festival

Hello Everyone! Maximo Park were playing at the Hurricane Festival in Northern Germany again and once again it was amazing. I managed to take some pictures in medium quality before I broke my camera in the crowd... I saw them a couple of times already in Germany in 2005 and now there's 70,000 people watching.... And I will always come back. Thanks a lot for uploading the pictures. Inga
2nd Jul 2008, 00:07   comments (2)

Fan-Made 'The Coast Is Always Changing' Video

(viewed 2394 times)
The video can be found on YouTube via:

Fan Made Maximo video

2nd Apr 2008, 19:30   comments (1)