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A 366-day pursuit in personal portraiture, presented by nige.

The challenge: to photograph, and post to this moblog, a portrait shot of myself, every single day, over the next year. Apparently, it's much harder than it sounds...

Perhaps more challenging: that i don't enjoy seeing my phizog in a photo at the best of times, and knowing that i'm probably going to annoy the hell out of the moblog community in doing this. So, sincere apologies in advance for this undertaking, but i just can't help myself. I promise to try and be creative, so you won't have to look at my mug every day.

Anyone interested in joining me? I think i'm probably going to need the company...

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Continuing my love affair with riding bikes indoors...I bought a new one (pushbike) whilst waiting for the insurance on the Monster to come through.

This is a Giant hybrid, and the wheels feel massive, but it shifts, so amen to that.
17th Mar 2008, 19:23   | tags:,comments (9)

Watching House

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Since i've been off i've watched all three seasons of House on DVD, and i'm completely up to date. Have that.

On another note, Tori's absence due to illness has just made me think: Does anyone even bother doing dailyme on a daily basis anymore? Or, do they post pictures in bulk, obviously taken all on one day, whilst pretending that they were taken over a week (Hahahaha, come on! You culprits know who you are!)? The only regulars i see these days are Tori (notwithstanding this last week), Joker365x and - horror of all horrors - Mikey365! Yes, the original lagger is now on track and posting every day! Who da man?!?! Yeah, you da man!!!

Shame on all of you who aren't posting everyday. "I'm too busy" is a poor excuse! Of course, you can all take comfort in the fact that nobody is worse than wingmaker, who just posts whenever she likes, and can't even remember what day it is.

16th Mar 2008, 22:39   | tags:,comments (9)

Frank, Donnie Darko. Easter edition

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14th Mar 2008, 23:08   | tags:,,,comments (4)

Electric Blue

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continuing my strange love affair with taking pictures in toilets:

i've always been enchanted by the blue lighting that emanates from the gents toilets in the Food Centre in MK. every time i pass and someone opens the door, they emerge, bathed in this wonderful neon-electric-blueness that makes me think there's some sort of weird nightclub going on inside.

at least, those were my thoughts until recently, when i was told that the lighting is actually an attempt to stop drug users identifying a vein when they shoot up.

i think i prefer my own interpretation.
13th Mar 2008, 21:53   | tags:,,comments (1)


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12th Mar 2008, 23:35   | tags:comments (6)

This is what i'm doing with my time

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