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On the 30th June 2007 the light(er)s will go out. Like it, tolerate it or loathe it, smoking in pubs, restaurants, even your local greasy spoon will end, and we'd like to ask you to help us document that soon to disappear culture.

Taking part couldn't be simpler, simply text your pictures or video of your favourite smoking dens to 07725202020 with the key word SMOKE in the body of the text. Alternatively, you can simply email them in by emailing: <
All photographs will be displayed in the Smoked Out moblog gallery at

All messages are charged at your standard operator picture-message rate.

Smoked Out is a collaboration between Redeye, the-phone-book limited and moblogUK.

Redeye, the Photography Network, aims to make life easier for photographers and photography, by providing information, opportunities, events, training and professional development for all.

the-phone-book limited is a media arts agency. We specialise in creative content and emerging technologies.

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a good thing

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i quit smoking cigarettes three months ago and so i'm quite in favour of the ban, from a selfish point of view. but last night it seemed appropriate to enjoy a last indoor cigar. and boy did i enjoy it :)

posted by norm
1st Jul 2007, 14:08   comments (2)

smoke photo

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hi, david eaton is my tutor and he said we can send
you pics for the smoke free. The photo was yestarday,
the last day smoke, in mojo bar in manchester.
thank you.
seba kurtis
1st Jul 2007, 14:04   comments (3)

Dying art?

(viewed 501 times)
1st Jul 2007, 01:46   comments (5)

Smoke in the air

(viewed 409 times)
1st Jul 2007, 01:17   comments (0)


(viewed 737 times)
Imagine being out in town, drinking for close to 10 hours and coming home
not smelling of disgusting smoke. Not having that rank musty smell in your
hair and pillow when you wake up. I've seen the difference since March 26,
2006, and quite frankly - it's awesome.

posted by Electric Sheep

30th Jun 2007, 04:19   comments (15)

Smoking Sanctuary

(viewed 613 times)
Here is my smoking sanctuary. It consists of a few steps shrouded by
trees (so we dont get caught!) round the back of the a&e; department!
Its the only unspoilt smoking spot in the hospital i work in!
30th Jun 2007, 02:35   comments (2)

No more airport smoking lounges

(viewed 823 times)
30th Jun 2007, 00:40   comments (0)


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Smoking Kills yes it does
29th Jun 2007, 22:41   comments (0)