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Mind scape. The exposure and depth in the valley threw this into black and white. I'm impressed. Kind of reminds me of the old war time movies when the planes hovered above with billowing destruction emanating below.
23rd Oct 2005, 02:05   comments (0)

Where are the dinosaurs?

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Tree fern . Seriously - it is Jurrasic territory down here. This one would
have to be at least 25 feet high.
23rd Oct 2005, 02:04   comments (0)

Pit Stop 3

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Pit stop number 3. We were about to embark on a Sarin gas conversation from
Don at this point. I could feel myself flagging here and we'd only been
walking for three kilometres. I need to lose weight.
23rd Oct 2005, 02:00   comments (0)


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The bottom to this little fall would have been [gestimate] 300 metres below.
23rd Oct 2005, 01:57   comments (0)

Hangover Cure

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Stephan contemplates his hangover. His affiable nature had been replaced by
a quite calm which resurfaced upon afternoon lunch - and a good, cool Boags!
23rd Oct 2005, 01:56   comments (0)


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We have NOT forgotten about you Kylie. In fact the remarks were that Kylie would really dig this stuff and that we all missed you. The proposal is that TALO 2 will occur in Hong Kong this time next year. I'm sure you could do with the trip. Missed you and we will catch you on youse blog. Keep blogging Stan
boys. We need some facial closeups of your glasses, eyes and his for mobcasting.
23rd Oct 2005, 01:51   comments (0)

Deeper Still.

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We continue down into the valley and that when the rain starts to set in.
23rd Oct 2005, 01:42   comments (0)


(viewed 417 times)
Catches his breath. Surveys the scene. Drops some anecdotes about working
for the US military and other DOD ditties.
23rd Oct 2005, 01:40   comments (0)