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20th Feb 2005 - 10th Oct 2007
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Name: Angel Armogida
Age: 24
Location: London

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I'm getting cosmetic surgery next year! I know I am probably more
materialistic than most girls, I drive everywhere for my own
convenience without consideration for the environment, I do all my
grocery shopping at Asda instead of at the market, and I love having my
photo taken. But I'm not all bad, I don't use products that have been
tested on animals (The Body Shop are great for that), I recycle
everything, I give to charities, and I talk to lonely old people and
give them birthday cards on my estate who have no one else to talk to.
But yes, I am getting cosmetic surgery next year and I can't wait!
11th Jan 2006, 18:32   comments (21)


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Chris got a table to feed our obsession!
10th Jan 2006, 14:10   comments (4)

PublicTransport VS Private Transport - post edited

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Public Transport VS Private Transport

Pros & Cons of Public Transport (Bus/Tube)
PROS (4)
+ Parking: No need to worry about finding and paying for parking
+ Charges/Fines: No PCNs (parking, speeding, etc.), Congestion Charge
+ Gas/Petrol: Don't need to spend money on gas
+ Traffic: Do not have to deal directly with traffic

CONS (14)
- Time restriction: Can only travel during the day (unless on night buses)
- Dangerous: Getting harassed (physically & verbally), followed home, etc.
- Unreliability: Strikes & delays
- Hygiene: Filthy floors, seats, rails, dirty people, etc.
- Temperature: Can not control the temperature (too hot/too cold)
- Pick-pockets: Must always keep bags/belongings nearby & always be aware
- Time wasting: Waiting for transportation (sometimes in the rain/cold), driving the long way round to drop people off
- Walking: You may still need to walk 20 minutes to your destination/to the bus stop/underground
- Comfort: Sometimes you don't get a seat, must use headphones for music
- Sharing air space: Catching colds
- Shopping/Luggage: Impossible to do grocery shopping if carrying more than 4 bags
- Changing buses/trains: You may need to take 3 buses to get to your destination
- Missing buses/trains: You can miss a bus by 5 seconds and have to wait half an hour for the next one
- Cost: Fares are very expensive and are increasing

Pros & Cons of Private Transport (Car)
PROS (13)
+ 24/7 access: You can leave/come home at any time and don't need to keep looking at your watch every time you're out
+ Safety: Less chance of getting harassed/followed home, etc.
+ Reliability: Your car will usually work 24/7
+ Hygiene: Your car is always as clean as you want it to be
+ Temperature: You can control how warm/cool you need the car to be

+ Pick-pockets: No need to always look over your shoulder or cling on to your purse
+ No time wasting: You don't have to wait for your car to arrive, walk long distances to your destination, or go the long way round to drop people off
+ Convenience: Drinks, snacks, music, drive-thru's, stop when you want, smoking (if you smoke), etc
+ Comfort: Adjustable seats, everything you need around you
+ Shopping/Luggage: You can bring as much as you want
+ One ride: No need to change cars mid-journey
+ No missing the transport: Your car doesn't drive off leaving you standing in the cold, waiting half an hour before it comes back to pick you up
+ Enjoyable: Some people actually enjoy and have fun driving

CONS (7)
- Charges/Fines: PCNs (parking, speeding, etc.), Congestion Charge
- Mandatory costs: Insurance, MOT, Road Tax
- Gas/Petrol: Prices are going up
- Breakdown costs: AA/RAC, fixing breaks, exhausts, etc.
- Parking: Paying to park your car
- Dealing with traffic directly
- Environmental damage

After my recent post on my parking fines turned into a debate about London's public transport, I decided to give y'all the benefit of the doubt and leave my car at home today. Where should I start?

I made two journeys, both from around Shepherd's Bush, near where I live. The first journey was to Fulham and then to Notting Hill gate, then back to Shepherd's Bush (I was giving out my CV). I waited 10 minutes for the 295, not too bad, but the journey took about 25 minutes. Then from Fulham I waited a further 15 minutes for the 28 and it took 30 minutes to get to Notting Hill. From there I waited 5 minutes for the 94 which took me back to where I started in 15 minutes. So overall, not too bad, about an hour and a half to do a journey which in my car would have taken half an hour.

Second journey, from Shepherd's Bush to Swiss Cottage. This normally takes me about 20 minutes by car, sometimes less. It took me an hour and a half by bus, I had to get three different buses. Not only that but my mum came along as she wanted to go and see someone in Swiss Cottage, and some idiot 6 foot bastard pushed her out of the way as we were getting on the bus and my mum twisted her ankle. My mum is 65 years old for God's sake! Where are people's manners? And to add to that, on the way home we waited 30 minutes for the bus, and spent a further hour and a half getting home.

What a waste of time. I was supposed to go to South London today but the whole day was wasted waiting and using public transport. We didn't do the tube because a. it's too expensive and b. my mum can't walk up/down alot of stairs.

NEVER AGAIN! I rest my case.

Test pics

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I know I look ugly but fuck it
6th Jan 2006, 23:44   comments (6)


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I've had so many fines, I don't even know what this is for...
6th Jan 2006, 14:45   comments (15)

Out of the mothership

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The photographer sent me this one just now
6th Jan 2006, 01:25   comments (1)


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5th Jan 2006, 23:53   comments (5)

Photoshoot preview

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Preview photos of my photoshoot yesterday. Can't wait to have a
complete portfolio, I'm doing a few themed shoots next month and I cant

The same image a little clearer here - ->

For details of the top images with the white background click here to see fakeplasticlee's images of Rachel Whiteread's work.
5th Jan 2006, 12:25   comments (11)