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20th Feb 2005 - 10th Oct 2007
R.I.P - Angel has moved


Name: Angel Armogida
Age: 24
Location: London

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November 10, 2005

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Brighton July 15 2003 [2 of 3]

(viewed 1575 times)
1. Some guys in the red van behind us were tryin it... so we skanked a
tape off of them and raced them back to London playin their choonz.

2. See how hot it was... we had a mini fridge but forgot to put our
chocolate in it and it went all squishy soft.

Brighton July 15 2003 [1 of 3]

(viewed 1564 times)
Ah the good ole days. Penny and I drove to Brighton in the summer of
2003 and ended up having more fun during the drive home.

Vas is...

(viewed 672 times)
The sewing man!
29th Dec 2005, 20:14   comments (0)

Showin some love

(viewed 778 times)
This is my girl Jenny. Not only is she so beautiful, she's probably the
best singer I know personally. She's had a rough past couple of years
as far as her music career is concerned but I know she's gonna bounce
back anytime soon so visit her website and show some support before she
gets too famous and too busy to update! This sound clip is about 3
years old(?), she's about a thousand times better now but I still love
this clip. (Quality is bad, recorded from the computer on to my phone.)
29th Dec 2005, 12:03   comments (0)

Good morning

(viewed 1142 times)
29th Dec 2005, 11:36   comments (4)

What's so interesting mama?

(viewed 646 times)
28th Dec 2005, 22:57   comments (0)

Little miss [2 of 2]

(viewed 687 times)
What a diva.
27th Dec 2005, 11:36   comments (1)

Little miss [1 of 2]

(viewed 585 times)
Looks like she's enjoying herself a little too much
27th Dec 2005, 11:28   comments (0)