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Welcome to X-Series from 3 moblogging site.

You can submit images or posts when you are on the move. We’re a pretty open bunch at 3 so anyone is free to post to this moblog even if you don’t have X-Series or one of our other mobile broadband package.

We’re interested in comments on how to make mobile blogging (er, sorry, moblogging) easier and we’re also interested in anything you choose to upload (keep it clean!).

To upload, just post to <
And don’t forget to visit our ever popular blog.

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By the way....

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Did I mention what a fantastic phone the N95 is with 3's X-series? It gives you a proper view of the full moblog:UK site, which is far better than the attempts that any of the SE browsers can manage.

posted by 540air

TV on the M1

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Managed to watch the England game against Israel in the car on Saturday. There was only about a 15 second lag from the car radio to the tv broadcast.

Just brilliant.

posted by 540air
11th Sep 2007, 17:31   comments (4)

X-series launches in Ireland!

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11th Sep 2007, 13:54   comments (1)

At last

(viewed 1684 times)
Took for ever to finish.
7th Sep 2007, 09:50   comments (0)


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13th Aug 2007, 11:30   comments (1)

3g all along the m1

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posted by Alfie

1st Jun 2007, 05:51   comments (6)

Bird action, long weekend

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Strange flotillas of birds on the Serp over the long weekend. Dull day, E65
30th May 2007, 14:43   comments (0)

More with the lens

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As of yesterday, my mobile number has been switched across from vodafone to 3 so I am now fully X'd up!!

posted by 540air
23rd May 2007, 15:54   comments (0)
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