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Welcome to X-Series from 3 moblogging site.

You can submit images or posts when you are on the move. We’re a pretty open bunch at 3 so anyone is free to post to this moblog even if you don’t have X-Series or one of our other mobile broadband package.

We’re interested in comments on how to make mobile blogging (er, sorry, moblogging) easier and we’re also interested in anything you choose to upload (keep it clean!).

To upload, just post to <
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another day, remain impressed.

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So, story 2.

I had just bought a 2gb card meomry card so I started using that, stuck some music on etc, then headed up to dalston to go and pick up a broken phone that was getting fixed.

So im on the bus, listening to music, chatting with a mate on MSN messeger, then she made a skype call to me, the music paused, and the call was crystal clear.We chatted for a few minutes, then carried on chatting on msn.

I got to the store and sorted stuff but I had to wait ten minutes so I went online and checked the latest moblog posts on the wap site, chatted on msn still. Got a Gtalk window come up from agile messenger, all the while carrying on listening to music. I realised I hadn't asked my flatmate what we needed in the house so instead of dipping into my free minutes after seeing she was online quickly made a skype call (music paused itself again). Again, perfect reception and experience.

It might not appear to be all that amazing, even goofily geekish even, but if you consider all the multithreading that the device is doing (and the fact that nothing crashed), and what I'm using the phone for, I think it's pretty intense. I've never, *ever* used a mobile like this before; it simply hasn't been possible.

It's also worth noting that I'm not someone who *needs* MSN messenger and Skype on my phone when Im out and about - I have enough free minutes, SMS and data on my standard contract to stay as 'in touch' with folk as I need to, but look at how Im using the device! I think that in this case, if you're up for it, the package and applications together create a situation where *function dictates behaviour* - you can and so you do.

Having used the device in this way the last few days, I would never go back to a bog standard contract - I'm totally ADD, I *need* to be amused AT ALL TIMES! So, for me at least, this device is perfect, knowing I don't have to worry about data charges anymore (I had a £55 bill for data from my normal operator last month....) makes all the difference.

posted by Alfie
26th Apr 2007, 17:32   comments (12)

introductory review post video

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This is just a wee helllooo, checking out posting using 3's X-series
mobile mail with a 5MB video file. I'll be reviewing various elements of
the X-series package from 3 as it relates to moblogging, so whenever you
see the name 'alfie' below a post you'll know it's from me, and will
likely be something to do with moblogging on the X-series.

posted by Alfie

24th Apr 2007, 18:36   comments (23)

Okay, enough Jaiku''s time to moblog

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I've been appalling since last week at getting some stuff up onto our moblog (and promoting it, for instance) but hey, it's time. Got to get my head out of Jaiku and into ... have added a strange pic i took yesterday of Mr Hamilton, myself and Kezza's ponytail. We'd been to a meeting in "town" :-)
24th Apr 2007, 07:37   comments (1)

The Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane.

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As promised, a picture of my favourite bridge :) . I'm not sure why this one's my favourite. Perhaps because it is the only bridge over the Brisbane River restricted to foot traffic only? Or maybe it's because it's the only bridge built during my lifetime (1983 - present)? Actually, it's probably because during the construction of this bridge, a crane building the centre support fell over and sank into the river. Ever seen just the tip of a really large and expensive piece of hardware poking out of a river? I have.
23rd Apr 2007, 10:52   comments (0)

Moblogging, hey?

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Another medium for de to explore his love of pictures of the Battersea Bridge!And hopefully a whole lot more!(phrantic snr from australia)
20th Apr 2007, 06:36   comments (3)

At last, somewhere I can post to when mobile

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Well, it's a start at any rate :-) Over the next few days we'll be adding lots to the moblog and in the meantime you too can post stuff here. It'll be like one big mobile community!

Come on, what are you waiting for. Email <xseries@moblg.netb>> and you'll suddenly be one of us.
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