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a life most ordinary

Originally captured with an Orange SPV C500, which is utterly, utterly crap.

Now using a Sony Ericsson w810i which is Woo.

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Honey Tastes Funny

(viewed 1435 times)
*SOME* bees were harmed in the making of this product.
21st Dec 2005, 21:38   | tags:,,comments (0)

Dark Side Of The Moon

(viewed 1810 times)
Fell down the stairs this morning using my rump as a novelty sledge. I
was holding little Josh at the time who quite enjoyed the ride.So at 8pm this evening, this is the result.
21st Dec 2005, 21:13   | tags:,,,comments (7)


(viewed 1908 times)
10th Feb 2005, 14:29   | tags:,,,comments (9)

Pixar '84

(viewed 901 times)
Tin, toy. Ho ho ho.

I promise I took this photo of one of the shelves in my kitchen, even though it looks like a scan from my now-laughable computer graphics coursebook...
7th Feb 2005, 09:15   comments (1)

Yer can't give t' baby booze!

(viewed 2031 times)
Wanna bet? I plan to give Bosh this whisky on his 18th birthday.

Not actually sure what bottled whisky tastes like after 18 years..... hmmm.

'Pologies for the crap picture quality. It was taken using Nightvision on me SPV, which throws up blue specks all over the place for some reason.
7th Feb 2005, 09:09   | tags:,comments (0)


(viewed 826 times)
Thanks to Eve!
7th Feb 2005, 09:05   comments (0)

look into my eyes, not around the eyes

(viewed 1304 times)
He's in a sour mood as usual..... Look at that accusative stare.

How come it's always eyes that are baleful? I shall endeavour to cultivate a baleful nose....
2nd Feb 2005, 22:55   | tags:comments (1)

X-Man : Dwarfio

(viewed 824 times)
Ph33r the power!
2nd Feb 2005, 22:49   comments (5)