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After skunk

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Cat was washed with a mix of about a pint of 3% hydrogen peroxide, a half cup of baking soda and a big squirt of Dawn dish washing liquid. Then lots of lukewarm water.

Was going quite well until she decided attacking me was a better idea than trying to escape. She wasn't too annoyed with me I don't think as she came for food 10 minutes later.

Anyway, job done, so I feel like I won. Actually, maybe the skunk won.

I'll give her a sniff later

(Look of terror, model’s own)
21st Jul 2010, 23:20   | tags:,,,,comments (3)

Wrong kind....

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A possibly rabid skunk that sprayed one of my cats and now won't go away.

The house mings so badly

Chipmunk cheeks

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I didn't know they did this
20th Sep 2009, 20:42   | tags:,,comments (4)

Don't look at this if you are eating...

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The cats have killed three mice with botfly larvae in them, maybe they make them easier to catch

flipping horrible
20th Sep 2009, 17:12   | tags:,,,comments (10)

Colourful cranefly

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25% less vile than the usual ones...


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snowdrop like fungi in the woods by my house. i've no idea what they are...anyone?

Underwater love

few snaps with my compact camera and a cheap waterproofing bag thing. At Lobster Cove, Maine


Dragonflies and damselflies around Ocean Point, Boothbay, Maine

I haven't looked them up but I think the fifth is a male 12 spotted skimmer
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