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Yay! The Britglyph project has been nominated for Webby awards in both the "Netart" and "Experimental and Innovation" categories. Please take a moment to click the link below and cast your vote for us!
Own a moment...
Britglyph is a public art project across Great Britain that you create, just by taking part.

How? You travel to a location and take a photo or video, and then send it to us using ShoZu, email, or MMS. Full details on how to get involved are on the map link above.

Together, we will create the world's largest ever Geoglyph, Click here to launch the map and get started, or Click here for more background information on the project.

Britglyph is powered by Shozu, helping you enjoy the view.

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better late than never

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Posted by Sir Findo Gask

23rd Jan 2009, 13:15   | tags:,comments (0)


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Emily la Grange

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And watch our Britglyph video here:

Posted by weightwisecoach04

19th Jan 2009, 23:04   comments (0)


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19th Jan 2009, 22:20   comments (1)

Britglyph: 12 markers left, call to action!

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Since we began the Britglyph project there has of course been a specified 'end date'. The only reason for that is because, well, everything has to come to an end right, even something this fun.

We extended the 'end date' from Friday the 9th till today, the 12th. Unfortunately, despite a spirited showing from some Britglyphers over the weekend, we are still 12 markers short of completion.

I'm loathe to put another 'end date' on the project, but at the same time we need something to aim for, and with only 12 markers left we are just so close to finishing. Just to re-iterate once more, when all markers are done we will have created the largest piece of art ever created by man, I think that's an achievement worth us all doing our best to help complete.

Some of us are more able to get out during the week or in the evenings to do markers, but most of us have a much easier time of it on the weekend so I am again extending the deadline for Britgyph by one week, aiming for the 19th of Jan.

What I ask is if you can please have a look at the locations still outsanding below and see if you are closeby and can do one, or know anyone in any of these areas and can let them know about their marker.

Last 12 Britglyph markers:

Bishops Frome
Rowlands Castle

Thank you Britglyphers, spread the word!!

Posted by Alfie

12th Jan 2009, 12:12   comments (0)

New Britglyph

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New Britglyph for Harrogate taken Friday 9th January 2009

Chris Wildman

Yorkshire Dales Food Blog

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Posted by weightwisecoach04

11th Jan 2009, 02:04   comments (0)

Frosty marker

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50.9551,-1.47248 must be the most uninspiring location on britglyph, on a roundabout at the top of the M271! The stones were left over from a bottle I was trying to weigh down, to hold the sat nav in a cup holder. At least the frosty grass makes the location seem nicer... although that should really have thawed by late afternoon! Brrr.

[image inserted -- see RomseyBritglyph.jpg in attachments]

Posted by weightwisecoach04

10th Jan 2009, 17:49   comments (0)

Green shards

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Posted by weightwisecoach04

10th Jan 2009, 16:05   comments (0)

The Elton marker is now in place

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The Elton, Cambridgeshire marker is now in place!


Will Pearson

Sevenspiral <>

Posted by weightwisecoach04

9th Jan 2009, 11:12   comments (0)