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From Brasilia - Brazil

Ordinary pictures taken
by an ordinary guy
who lives in a hot
uplanded city.

Which by the way is
a very beautiful place
and pretty boring

SonyEricsson W200i

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(viewed 826 times)
I liked this movie, everyone I know hated it.
It's far better than the second one, more acton an less bla bla bla.
7th Jun 2004, 02:18   comments (1)

Billed Festa Junina

Well, on saturday I went to a billed June Party, very expensive, very far from my town but very funny. I payed expensive to enter and I didn't payed anything else to eat and drink inside the party... I'm drunk a lot :P.

I went out again with my friend's son and daughter, she (on the picture) is crazy about me, even she knows it´s not possible. She wanted to kiss me again and go further... so I avoided that worried about her get in love.

The best thing about pay very expensive to go to parties like that is that only beautiful people enters... lots of girls and boys very cute to look at. Very funny! :)
6th Jun 2004, 16:20   comments (0)

Festa Junina for free

(viewed 617 times)
In front the ministery was setted a tipical party in junes here in Brazil, called June Party, this was for free, only the food and drinks were billed. Obviously I didn't drink anything here, near the work... it's not recomended :P
6th Jun 2004, 16:12   comments (0)

The weekend begins

(viewed 605 times)
Well, thrusday I went to eat hot dogs with my friend Saulo at the 409 north, the best street selled hot dog ever, and friday I went with people from work to eat a fish called traíra and drink a lot, but a lot! After I got out with my friends son and daughter and I kisses her and a friend of his brother... it's so funny to get drunk!
6th Jun 2004, 16:08   comments (1)


Pictures taken "into" my kaledoscope handy made in Recife - Brazil. Actually it does looks diferent but it's really beautiful. I got it as a gift given to me by a friend :)
3rd Jun 2004, 04:01   comments (2)


(viewed 794 times)
Well, last time I got some trick for my notebook operational system, but if someone knows, please help :). I tried to flash the BIOS and everything went fine, so I restarted the computer and it does not turn on! :(

I tryed all AMI procedures to recover a BIOS falure and it keeps shutted down. The only thing it tryes to read is the CD-ROM drive. My notebook is an A530 from ECS.

Does anybody has a clue?
Thankx a lot! :)
3rd Jun 2004, 03:25   comments (0)

My new department

(viewed 823 times)
Government issues fired me last week from the work I was doing for about four years, and to do not get ripped off the sent me to another department full of work I hate most... papers!
3rd Jun 2004, 03:19   comments (0)

Saturday Afternoom

(viewed 1020 times)
Saturday afternoom, I am back to campus of UnB to study with some friends about Logics. it?s a very, very hard class and I have a exame on monday, that?s why I hate mondays, specially this one.

See, there?s no other soul in the campus except for us... so sad.

To hell (?r^?s)v(r^s)v(p^?q)!

30th May 2004, 19:04   comments (0)