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From Brasilia - Brazil

Ordinary pictures taken
by an ordinary guy
who lives in a hot
uplanded city.

Which by the way is
a very beautiful place
and pretty boring

SonyEricsson W200i

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Arrasa no perucão

(viewed 757 times)

13th Jul 2004, 17:19   comments (1)

House maide

Cleaning my room...
What a mess!

13th Jul 2004, 17:18   comments (0)

Mc Duplo

(viewed 1109 times)
After a long and long time without eating at Mc Donalds today I ate a Mc Duplo, instead of it's name it's not THAT big.

11th Jul 2004, 01:38   comments (0)

Was It Worth It?!

(viewed 625 times)
I just couldn't belive that I found the Was It Worth It? Pet Shop Boys single here in Brasilia. It's not usual to sell singles here in Brazil and this one is very rare and hard to find after all the years sinse it's release.

11th Jul 2004, 01:38   comments (0)

Hunting High and Low

(viewed 566 times)
My cat usually visit my fishes every morning.

7th Jul 2004, 04:40   comments (0)

There is a Stitch on my back

At last I tatooed Stitch!
I loved the final work, the guy is an artist!

P.S.1 This pictures weren't taken by my T610 mibile phone.

P.S.2 Some pictures looks mirrored because they were taken through a mirror :)

3rd Jul 2004, 22:42   comments (0)


For those interested to get a copy of a cute :P SE theme I made :), follow ahead two links for T610 and Z600 mobile phones.

The first image (intro.gif) I use it as a wellcome display.

The five others are just some screen shots.

The last one (stitch screensaver.gif) is obviously a screensaver :) It's very large and gave me a hard work to cut and make a frame by frame short animation, but it's so very cute :D

Hope you enjoy!
P.S. I made some changes since the last post on the theme. I exchanged Lilo by Stitch at orange backgroung :)
2nd Jul 2004, 05:11   comments (3)

Stitch T610 Theme

(viewed 1182 times)
This is the theme I created for my T610.
Any doubt that I like Stitch?
1st Jul 2004, 06:00   comments (8)