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From Brasilia - Brazil

Ordinary pictures taken
by an ordinary guy
who lives in a hot
uplanded city.

Which by the way is
a very beautiful place
and pretty boring

SonyEricsson W200i

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Me? Hahahahaha... No, it's just a funny song I got on Internet.

Straight Ahead (Tube & Berger)

Straight ahead,
One directon...

Straight ahead,
Just more and more...

Heading for the top,
We've got a steady flow,
In the system,
We're set to overload,
One direction,
Only way to go,
So push it,
Push, push, push, push...

(can't tell) for the love inside
Straight for the love...

(can't tell) head for the light inside
Straight for the love,
Straight for the love...

Straight ahead,
One directon,
Straight ahead,
Just more and more...

1st Jul 2004, 05:12   comments (0)

8-Bits - Part I

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Looking at Cell-Ocular moblog I got excited to play some old Nintendo 8-Bits games, maybe the best games ever. Even with all the mess of
studing I decided to take a break to play at eats the first stage of my favs.

1. Super Mario Bros. 3 (The best game forever)
2. Super Mario Bros. 2
3. Super Mario Bros. (from where do you think my nickname came from?)
4. Megaman 2

29th Jun 2004, 02:10   comments (0)

8-Bits - Part II

(viewed 600 times)
5. Megaman 3
6. The Little Nemo and The Dream Master
7. Contra
8. Castlevania

29th Jun 2004, 02:10   comments (0)

8-Bits - Part III

(viewed 572 times)
9. Bomberman
10. Dragon Warrior I
11. Tiny Toons Adventure
12. Gradius

29th Jun 2004, 02:10   comments (0)


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27th Jun 2004, 00:12   comments (0)


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My future (next saturday) tatoo.
It actually has something to do with my personality.
26th Jun 2004, 23:51   comments (1)


While this... the presentation about OS/2 was extremely boring. Umbelivable! But almost all the class felt asleep.
26th Jun 2004, 17:13   comments (0)

DOS and Windows 3x

Operational System Class... today my group and I had to present about file management and I/O system. I thought that would be easy to find something about these subjects but it was extremely hard. For our luck, everybody loves to hate Microsoft, so our presentation was the best this morning :)
26th Jun 2004, 16:54   comments (1)