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free give away..

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I went to Sanma festival in Meguro, Tokyo. Sanma -- Pacific saury... I have never heard of the English name of the fish.They were giving away 7000 fish. We waited in a queue for 3.5 hours which I thought was crazy. Anyway, the fish was very nice.
19th Sep 2006, 16:54   comments (4)


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this is okonomiyaki. can i call it 'japanese pancake'?
9th Aug 2006, 17:49   comments (0)


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8th Aug 2006, 11:10   comments (0)

soy beans

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soy beans are good especially in summer time. my grandmother made them.
22nd Jul 2006, 11:29   comments (3)

lunch on bullet train

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salmon sushi and asahi beer. local lunch boxes are available at stations. i seem to get the same one, i need to explore new box next time, but these sushi are so good.
16th Jul 2006, 17:41   comments (2)

fix me

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shrimps are my favorites sashimi. am i turning into a shrimp?
13th Jul 2006, 15:17   comments (0)


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i bought some instant food at Walmart. i really like "smashed potato", you just need boiled water to make it. this is so clever. Oh, we have similar thing in japan- "powder
wasabi". do not sniff it!
10th Jul 2006, 10:31   comments (3)


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i am back in town with this macaroni.
19th Jun 2006, 09:17   comments (0)