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what's this tiny...

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squid. my friend.
20th May 2006, 14:58   comments (0)


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I went to Thai Festival last weekend. These are "durians", the king of fruits.. well, who said that?!
17th May 2006, 12:33   comments (3)


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okonomi-yaki is similar to a pancake but it's not sweet.
9th May 2006, 14:49   comments (5)

avocado & ...

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avocado tastes good with wasabi and soy sauce. believe me!!
2nd May 2006, 14:35   comments (3)

tempura & udon

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i love udon noodle. you can top your udon with tempura, fried tofu, raw egg.. today i had shrimp and squid tempura.
28th Apr 2006, 12:43   comments (6)

natto rice & soup

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natto with ground radish. chicken soup without chicken in it.. we have 'golden week' , week with a string of holidays, starting from tomorrow.
27th Apr 2006, 23:57   comments (2)

squid & radish

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24th Apr 2006, 13:14   comments (0)

namahage@izakaya bar

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namahage are young men disguised as ogres. they visit houses and scare children saying, "is there anyone lazy!?"there is a bar in tokyo where you can see them live!
22nd Apr 2006, 17:09   comments (4)