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24th Jan 2006, 12:19   comments (0)

scallop salad

(viewed 449 times)
sashimi (raw seafood), sliced onion and raddish with lemon flavoured dressing.
9th Jan 2006, 13:39   comments (0)

tofu and natto

(viewed 589 times)
natto, sesami oil,& chili powder on tofu. goes good with fish flavoured soy sauce.
26th Dec 2005, 15:37   comments (2)

sticky dish for your health

(viewed 421 times)
chopped okura, natto -rotten beans-, tuna and wasabi on steamed rice.
25th Dec 2005, 18:24   comments (0)

salmon roe IKURA

(viewed 439 times)
fish eggs & rice.
8th Dec 2005, 10:43   comments (0)

today's dinner

(viewed 429 times)
tomato & basil sauce. fresh basil leaves are from my garden.
2nd Dec 2005, 11:51   comments (0)


(viewed 504 times)
lazy dinner again. salmon, onion, mashroom, butter, lemon squeeze,"sake", salt & pepper -put all in a foil bag. throw it in a pan for 10mins. done!
24th Nov 2005, 09:28   comments (0)


(viewed 502 times)
feeling too lazy to cook. grilled chicken from local deli. yakitori!
23rd Nov 2005, 10:14   comments (2)