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The Caption competition is no longer a competition...

but the blog is still here and you are welcome to post just for fun,

so if you have a picture that might stimulate a humorous remark, then please post and see if it attracts comments...

To post a picture you need to join the group, (a good idea anyway as the group can then be accessed from your dashboard) then post to ... caption(at)moblog(dot)net

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'Peter, being in the jungle again reminded me of what we loved about each other in the first place and, well, i've been thinking, maybe we should give it another go... what do you think? .....Peter?? Peter are you even listening to me?' Nomad

"Will you give over,that`s all you ever think about is TEXT." Hulley

Posted by Wendle

2nd Dec 2009, 20:29   comments (3)

In The Polish Parliament

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"Well it makes a change from watching the Mexican Wave."

Posted by TMK(Tom.CJ)

1st Dec 2009, 19:18   comments (3)

Air Harp?

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Air Harp?:-) It's like air guitar...
No strings, you see... frog51


Posted by frog51

1st Dec 2009, 00:56   comments (4)

Are we too late to vote for Jedward?

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"Is it too late to vote for Jedward?"

Posted by Twiglet

23rd Nov 2009, 20:52   comments (6)

And the winners are...

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The votes are finally in. They have been checked and verified and we can
reveal the winners are...

1st - Billion with "Delivery for Mrs Jones? It's the billion amp fuse you ordered." (Photo by Mysteritmo)

2nd - Wendle with "Stephen Fry just replied to my tweet!" (Photo by Dhamaka)

3rd - JokerXL with "Taxi? Yes, the teleporter missed again, I'll need you to pick me up, to the Strand,yes." (Photo by Nige)

Congratulations to you all, we will be in touch shortly to arrange prizes as appropriate.

A big thank you for all your entries, voting and feedback.

Posted by rhys

19th Nov 2009, 18:59   | tags:comments (16)

Voting is open!

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Thank you everyone for your photo entries and captions. We were encouraged by the number and quality of entries, however, a panel of 5 have now whittled the entries down to the final 10 for a public vote.

Please take a few minutes to vote for your top 3 shortlisted captions using the following link:

Click here to vote

Voting will close at midnight (GMT) on 18/11/2009.

Results will be announced as soon as possible after the 18/11/2009 and winners notified by email.

Thank you once again to everyone who has participated.

Posted by rhys

10th Nov 2009, 22:30   | tags:comments (6)

Competition update

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The period for submitting captions has now ended bringing the competition to
a close.

There have been some fantastic entries which will make shortlisting a difficult job.

Shortlisted entries will be up for a public vote from 11/11/09 for one week.

Details to follow.

Posted by rhys

8th Nov 2009, 11:44   | tags:comments (4)

Competition update

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Hurry... There is less than 48 hours to submit your captions!

Make sure your entries are received before midnight (GMT) on 07/11/09.

Shortlisted entries will then be put up for a public vote for one week starting 11/11/09.

Posted by rhys

6th Nov 2009, 07:04   | tags:comments (0)