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so you wanna see what i'm seeing? this is what i'm seeing, unless someone else stole my phone. then you're seeing what they're seeing. maybe they'll even call you from my phone. would you answer? i wouldn't. who knows? it might be me!

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I never pegged God for a Toyota guy.

(viewed 596 times)
8th Feb 2008, 17:22   comments (1)

Speaks for itself, no?

(viewed 536 times)
4th Feb 2008, 21:50   comments (4)

Side of road strangeness...

(viewed 609 times)
They're extremely large, flat people that seem to be riding bicycles and/or just standing there watching the road. I didn't know what to make of them. I did, however, wish for a very large wind to see if they could take it. Didn't happen.
4th Feb 2008, 18:12   comments (2)

Thanks Gracie...

(viewed 626 times)
Well, she's set a record. She used to have a thing for Bluetooth headsets, but she's moved into more expensive territory. Like to the tune of $400 Silhouette glasses. Of course, they're worth a bit less, now. :/
31st Jan 2008, 22:12   comments (2)

Count 'em - TWO spoilers on a truck!

(viewed 570 times)
...not to mention the paint job. Which, by the way, was beautifully done, but unfortunately can't save the truck from the fact that it had two wings on it. :)
28th Jan 2008, 19:01   comments (0)

A must-have for any desk!

(viewed 695 times)
It's a red sta-pler!
20th Jan 2008, 00:58   comments (3)

Little bit of snow...

(viewed 530 times)
Well, it WAS coming down hard in this picture, but it didn't seem to stick too well. Fine by me, I don't care about snow anymore.
20th Jan 2008, 00:22   comments (1)

Take up a few more spaces, why don't ya?

(viewed 532 times)
Come on... FOUR spaces at a McDonald's? And no, he didn't have any kids in there, and no, it wasn't a field trip. Driver got out, alone, and walked toward a bar in the shopping center. Feel better now?
20th Jan 2008, 00:22   comments (1)