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so you wanna see what i'm seeing? this is what i'm seeing, unless someone else stole my phone. then you're seeing what they're seeing. maybe they'll even call you from my phone. would you answer? i wouldn't. who knows? it might be me!

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Kalmar Nyckel

(viewed 999 times)
28th Jun 2009, 21:46   comments (0)

Ready for her pirate cruise! (Really!)

(viewed 710 times)
28th Jun 2009, 18:09   comments (0)

It's a hard life after Cheerios.

(viewed 652 times)
28th Jun 2009, 17:40   comments (1)


(viewed 583 times)
28th Jun 2009, 16:06   comments (0)

Mmm McSorley's!

(viewed 639 times)
From the original pub down on 7th in the Village... very good dark ale!
28th Jun 2009, 00:04   comments (0)

Summit North Marina - beautiful day for a ride!

(viewed 572 times)
27th Jun 2009, 19:36   comments (1)

Mmm Jarritos!

(viewed 567 times)
Lime flavor - they have tons of flavors, though, including Tamarind!
27th Jun 2009, 17:25   comments (0)

New toy!

(viewed 467 times)
26th Jun 2009, 18:42   comments (2)