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so you wanna see what i'm seeing? this is what i'm seeing, unless someone else stole my phone. then you're seeing what they're seeing. maybe they'll even call you from my phone. would you answer? i wouldn't. who knows? it might be me!

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Now THIS is a shower.

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And the best part is, that's NOT me in the reflection!
This thing had LED's, overhead lighting, a control panel (apparently you can listen to music and talk on the phone through this panel), and have water coming at you from all sorts of different directions - AND it has a remote control!

Coolest looking mac and cheese ever!

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Being the macaroni and cheese buff that I am, I was surprised to find this tri-colored version at a BBQ I recently attended.
. o O ( kinda loooks like Froot Loops, no? )

Hey there!

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A Columbian Red-Tailed Boa decides to check out my phone. He was intrigued by the 1.3MP camera and Bluetooth capability, apparently.

Son of a Gun rocks the crowd of 20!

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Yeah... if anyone invites you to go see a show at a place called Rascal's... make sure you know and like the band(s) playing that night. Luckily, I do like Son of a Gun, and they were great, and entertaining (as you can see), but the others... not so much. Oh well, 1 good band out of 4 isn't so bad, is it? :)

Can you believe THIS?

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This weekend, while helping out the East Coast Derby Extravaganza ( if you want to know more about it), a monster ice avalanche occurred. All three rinks (lined up in a row) decided to dump 6" of ice onto the parking lot, all at the same time. Some 30 cars in the spaces nearer to the building took damage, ranging from a few dings to my car (the red one on the bottom) to nearly totaled. Amazing freak of nature - people outside said that it all just came down in one monstrous slab - imagine a 6" thick, 100ft deep, 500ft wide slab of ice coming down all at once and you'll have a pretty good concept of the power of this thing. No one was injured except the vehicles. I'm in a rental now. My car will (hopefully) be better in a couple of weeks. F-ing weather. IT'S MARCH!!!!

Blurry casino...

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Yes, I know it's blurry. That's cause I had to take the pic fast, due to security not liking me taking pictures of their casino. Oh well. This is the best I could do.
15th Mar 2007, 00:42   | tags:,,,comments (2)

New helmet!

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Quite appropriate, IMO, considering my derby name is "The Angel of Ref." :)
22nd Feb 2007, 02:31   | tags:,,comments (0)


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Tesla loves to pose for the camera.... what can I say? :)
22nd Feb 2007, 02:31   | tags:,,,comments (2)