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so you wanna see what i'm seeing? this is what i'm seeing, unless someone else stole my phone. then you're seeing what they're seeing. maybe they'll even call you from my phone. would you answer? i wouldn't. who knows? it might be me!

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The young, the sensitive, and the quiet.

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...better known as Mister, Zoe, and Tesla. Notice that it's only mine (Tesla) that seems to care about my taking a picture, and poses appropriately :)
16th Apr 2006, 15:44   comments (1)

Bumper Sticker...

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...which was located on the rear passenger door, but that's ok. It was one of probably a hundred on the car, and the one I found to be the most interesting, especially considering the tattered condition of the car itself. I guess this person has had a few run-ins with people on the phone... literally. :)
10th Apr 2006, 17:40   comments (2)

Drive up?

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"Now, how does this darn tootin' thing work, anyways?"
1st Apr 2006, 23:25   comments (2)

Enjoying the sun

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Tesla is enjoying the sun on the carpet... she'll scoot along and follow it. I'm ok with this, because as everyone knows, there's nothing that smells as good as a sun-warmed dog. :)
21st Mar 2006, 15:22   comments (3)

It gets worse!

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I mean, Luke on a chopper was bad enough... but to go after Vader like this... *sigh*
"Hi, I'm George Lucas. No, I really don't care what you do to my characters, as long as I get money out of it. What's that you say? Chewbacca on a 4-wheeler? Obi-Wan on a tricycle? Leia on a jetski? No problem. Make the check out to me." Grrr.
27th Feb 2006, 17:42   comments (5)


(viewed 821 times)
21st Feb 2006, 14:30   comments (2)

WTF kind of blasphemy is this???

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I"m just at a loss of words here. OK, you have those stories written after the fact... I can deal. You have action figures VERY loosely based on what you saw on screen... I can deal. But THIS. THIS is too much. Luke on a freakin' CHOPPER??? With R2 riding bitch??? This cannot stand. It's gone too far. I'm off my meds on this one, folks. STUPID!

A pensive man sits at the bar...

(viewed 758 times)
...or maybe he's just really drunk.
28th Dec 2005, 16:24   comments (0)