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so you wanna see what i'm seeing? this is what i'm seeing, unless someone else stole my phone. then you're seeing what they're seeing. maybe they'll even call you from my phone. would you answer? i wouldn't. who knows? it might be me!

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Elk-Tones Video, baby!

(viewed 1347 times)
Almost forgot I had this - from the Philadelphia show recently mentioned... it's only 15 seconds, but hell - why not? :)
11th May 2005, 15:21   | tags:comments (1)

Bored at work!

(viewed 1033 times)
And wearing a hoodie, so I figured I'd do a self portrait - now you know what I look like! No more complaints! It's a nice look, no? :)
I actually tried out for the new Star Wars movie dressed like this, but they didn't take me. I guess I wasn't CG enough for George. Oh well.
11th May 2005, 15:11   comments (11)

Annabelle the sheep!

(viewed 2179 times)
The best visualization on RealOne player, IMO. She has aliens, backup sheep singers, a groundhog, and they all dance and sing with her. A great distraction from work! Just put the music on, and watch her dance and lip sync for you!
10th May 2005, 18:25   comments (1)

Elk-Tones, baby!

(viewed 1526 times)
Yet another successful Elk-Tones show, this time in Philadelphia... What? You haven't heard of them? Get thee to and listen to some tracks! Watch some videos! Come to some live shows!
8th May 2005, 04:46   | tags:comments (-2)

R.I.P. Cleo 1992-2005

(viewed 1694 times)
Just wanted to show the world a little last look at Cleo, who left us last night. She fought through a lot of stuff many of us wouldn't have made it through, and eventually it got the best of her. She lived a long, strong life, doing things her way (ask anyone who knew her), and damned be anyone that got in her way. Sleep well - we'll miss you. :(

1. Cleo being about as tolerant as she gets, wrapped up tight.
2. Sort of "posing" for me, although she hated the camera being pointed at her.
3. Having some fun with some whipped cream on the tip of her nose.

I have tons more... but these capture her as well as any, I think. Thanks for looking at her all this time; I know she would have hated knowing you were staring at her! :)
30th Apr 2005, 19:47   | tags:comments (17)


(viewed 1691 times)
Apparently, the dogs' owners are no longer needed. Free-for-all! Dogs with Pooper Scoopers and little plastic bags! Anarchy!
24th Apr 2005, 22:06   | tags:,comments (2)

German Zebra!

(viewed 1473 times)
As we approach the zebra in the urban setting, it's important to remember to be quiet, and approach from downwind. If it is spooked, it will try to escape on those strange wheels. Lucky for us, its unusual markings will allow it to be easily seen as it moves through the herd. We consider this a rare sighting, and have documented it for the world to see.
22nd Apr 2005, 18:56   | tags:comments (1)


(viewed 1388 times)
Where to begin... she was at the drive through teller next to me, and it took me a good few tries to not look like I was poking fun at her car. She had a stuffed Taz in the car, and there's a miniature one hanging from the roof in the back seat. The scary part? She looked like Taz.
20th Apr 2005, 21:05   | tags:comments (2)