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so you wanna see what i'm seeing? this is what i'm seeing, unless someone else stole my phone. then you're seeing what they're seeing. maybe they'll even call you from my phone. would you answer? i wouldn't. who knows? it might be me!

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Frank and Beans (no, really)!

(viewed 533 times)
28th May 2008, 18:26   comments (1)

Look into my eyes...

(viewed 561 times)
Blackberry flash + Gracie = very green eyes.
26th May 2008, 03:51   comments (5)

Geez. This is my dog.

(viewed 550 times)
20th May 2008, 03:42   comments (1)

My new car!

(viewed 589 times)
NOT! It was kinda sad to see this done to such a neat car, which looks pretty darned good in the stock blue color you see on top. *sigh* People and their paint.
10th May 2008, 19:10   comments (1)


(viewed 664 times)
9th May 2008, 00:57   comments (1)

What more does a dog need?

(viewed 553 times)
She gets to sit with me while I'm online, she has her blankie (well MY blanket from MY couch), her new favorite rope toy (which goes with her everywhere), and a third chew toy as a backup, all while she sleeps. Such a life!
8th May 2008, 17:04   comments (1)

I'd say Gracie likes the hammock!

(viewed 654 times)
I mean, I like it, too. But I didn't expect an 80lb weimaraner to jump in with me!
3rd May 2008, 17:06   comments (5)


(viewed 703 times)
6-cylinder Mustang, dragon decal, fake Cobra wing... just wow.
7th Apr 2008, 20:18   comments (2)