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Cooking for years

Thought I'd take a few shots of the kitchen surfaces. We're leaving
there soon.The two cookers in there are nice to look at in their own right ( i reckon).The AGA has a lovely muted green and lots of layers of it too, while remaining
unuseable.You'll be missedbhuwhu
31st Oct 2006, 13:18   comments (1)

Various observations

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CarromThree of my loves, coopa the dawg - carromboard - squash the cat. I love
this shot cos it just looks funny, squash watching the game as intensely as
we were.Sunny day drinkIn the back garden of the Rising Sun (used to be The Watering Trough)
Walsall best Highgate pub BAR NONE.Bham airportI was dying to have a lucky dip, but where would I put it?
11th Sep 2006, 11:52   comments (5)

Off to paint in Brighton

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Arrived at Snug's last night, still managed to stick 2 pints down us as we set in the George.Bags packed to the brim with liquid wit, colour scheme nailed.Around 300 writers down there. Its gonna be like the mod's 60's ting. Hopefullystory of music is the vibe. From drums and strings to electronics and digital music. I reckon some kind of 'library'... With female librarians... Ladders and stocking shots.Hmmm
we'll see
30th Jun 2006, 13:20   comments (0)

stuff in me studio

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Just a few pics of things lying about that i've been working on.What you got on your desk?
4th May 2006, 18:23   comments (2)

test again

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This time with Tam's favourite cup
23rd Mar 2006, 23:05   comments (0)

Where've i been?

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.not telling
27th Jan 2006, 12:49   comments (0)


Security measures in Walsall town centre are improving. Anybody found trying to climb street furniture will have to deal with a revolutionary new system. The streets are watched by movement sensitive cameras. When a fan of ASBO FC decides to corrupt the surroundings with their presence, the camera simply documents every move.

Here, you can see it in action, following a posh rat out of the litter bin, off to the market to make sure its new watch batteries have turned up.

These guys seem like they're up to something...

I follow them with phone at me hip...

they've got things in their posession that causes me to suspect their

i overheard them saying that they worked for sixty pounds a day...

If britain is a Xmas stockin...

Do all the nuts end up in Cornwall?

Another lampost shaped moment of clarity....

Normal shot

...with 2x zoom on phone

...with binoculars

bostin game. belt the hell out of the screen when stupid cartoon characters appear

St Agnes Head Hotel bar...

Roro looking hard
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