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In November, five European blog networks joined forces to find photographers who could capture the style of their country.

The 10 winners from five countries were given an LG Viewty cameraphone and asked to moblog people they felt best represented the style of their country.

You can check out all the competition entries, as well as the winners’ shots on CityClickers.

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If you think you can snap a portrait that captures the style of your country, send us your photo and each week we’ll pick our favourite one to feature here on CityClickers. Simply snap a photo and MMS or email it to
for your chance to feature alongside the official CityClickers photographers.

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UK: Keeping an Eye on the match

(viewed 765 times)
Old Trafford, Manchester - Mounted police keep an eye on things
22nd Nov 2007, 11:10   | tags:comments (1)

UK: Appleby Horse Fair

(viewed 1640 times)
Each year the travelling community come together in Appleby in Cumbria,
Northern England to gather for the annual Horse Fair
22nd Nov 2007, 11:01   | tags:comments (0)

UK: Kitesurfer at Sunset

(viewed 717 times)
Its often overlooked that the UK is a collection of islands, it might be
cold but it still means hitting the beach after work. This picture taken on
Englands South Coast.
22nd Nov 2007, 11:00   | tags:comments (1)

UK: Punks in the Pub

(viewed 1336 times)
The English Pub and the picture postcard of the punks of London - two of the
most defining and iconic images of England - photographed in Manchester, UK
Feb 2007

22nd Nov 2007, 10:53   | tags:comments (1)

England: Biker girl

(viewed 1604 times)
22nd Nov 2007, 00:19   | tags:comments (0)

Germany: We are always online!

(viewed 764 times)
Japanese guy sitting in Sony Center Berlin surfing on his iBook
21st Nov 2007, 23:08   | tags:comments (1)

Munich: Nice alternative to feeding the ducks

(viewed 1039 times)
Munich city dwellers surfing illegally in the heart of the city, a practice to which the police kindly turn a blind eye. Typifies the streak of youth culture that bubbles under the city's conservative front.
21st Nov 2007, 21:21   | tags:comments (10)

Netherlands: Typical Dutch cyclist

(viewed 817 times)
In the Netherlands we have a few things that are typical Dutch. At the photograph you can see a cyclist at the cycle track, (all Dutch people have bicycles) next to loads of cars in the traffic jam (Holland has got many jams in the morning and evening, we call that the spits).

The cars and cyclists are driving upon a bridge. My country is famous because of the combination with water like the sea and this small river in Leiden. In Holland we have many kinds of small waters like the grachten in Amsterdam and Leiden.

I find this picture very nice because of the contrast between
the busyness and motion on the left side and the stillness on the other side. I took it when I was done with working today and I walked to the bus to go home with. At the first moment I saw the LG Viewty I really was in love with it. That
in combination with the fact that I travel a lot to my work every day by bus and train, and because I love to take pictures of everything I see, makes me
the perfect City Clicker.
21st Nov 2007, 21:06   | tags:comments (0)