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In November, five European blog networks joined forces to find photographers who could capture the style of their country.

The 10 winners from five countries were given an LG Viewty cameraphone and asked to moblog people they felt best represented the style of their country.

You can check out all the competition entries, as well as the winners’ shots on CityClickers.

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If you think you can snap a portrait that captures the style of your country, send us your photo and each week we’ll pick our favourite one to feature here on CityClickers. Simply snap a photo and MMS or email it to
for your chance to feature alongside the official CityClickers photographers.

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Netherlands: Typical dutch people

(viewed 2392 times)
The local garbage hero's! They appear at posters and stuff to say that wen need to go recycle! More dutchy can't it be huh?
21st Nov 2007, 06:33   | tags:comments (2)

Spain: Lost in Paris

(viewed 833 times)
A group of Spanish people lost in the middle of Paris, as tourists we dont have price... we are noisy, but good manners ;)

I must add that they where the Spanish team on a Computer Games competition called Electronic Sports World Cup, holded in the beautifull city of Paris
21st Nov 2007, 02:53   | tags:comments (0)

Viewty LG official photoshooters!: People get orange for the Dutch soccer team!

(viewed 1466 times)

with this picture I would like to become an official
reporter for City Clickers. On the photograph are my
friends and myself having a great time in the
Amsterdam Arena during the Soccer-match between
Holland and Germany in 2004 (if it was Germany i'm
not sure, we got so drunk!).

But the picture reveals perfect how we dutch people
are: happy if everything is going well, the soccer
really binds the dutch during these days as everybody
turns his house and himself into orange colors,the
national flags are taken from the 'i don't use these
stuff very often-room' and people are just
enthusiastic and nervous for the game to come, hoping
that our big national symbol which is the lion will
bring victory as he is the king among all!

Hope to hear from you soon, I'am ready to shoot more

With kind regards,
Martijn van Bockel
20th Nov 2007, 20:05   | tags:comments (2)

UK: Where hitched hemlines and style go arm-in-arm

(viewed 969 times)
The UK is the birthplace of the mini. Come rain or shine, in the city and in the 'shire, UK gals are holding it down.

posted by nige
20th Nov 2007, 18:14   | tags:comments (2)

Northern Ireland: Rain Does Not Deter Us!

(viewed 920 times)
This picture was taken in the July flute band parades, despite the rain this little boy was more than happy to march with his father!
20th Nov 2007, 17:32   | tags:comments (1)

UK: Escalator wars

(viewed 808 times)
This boy I used to date had this one jacket he always used to wear. He decided to try and race me down an escalator. I won, obviously, but sadly he still had the jacket
20th Nov 2007, 16:18   | tags:comments (1)

SPAIN: Woman loading bags traditionally

(viewed 1006 times)
An old woman using her head to load some stuff while a man in suit is using
a mobile phone, thats how here in Spain we mix traditional and modern way of
life =)

Pic was taken in Santiago de Compostela.
20th Nov 2007, 04:40   | tags:comments (4)


(viewed 991 times)

When we go out in the street, suburb or any public place, we look at people faces, clothes or atitudes. But if we look down, we can have a perfect resume of the person you have in front of you. Today, it's hard to publish some anonymous faces without authorisation, but it's still possible to show peoples shoes without being sued ! And their shoes talk even more than their faces. We can guess a lot about their way of life, their personality, their feelings. That's why I want to show you people of France this way.


Jean-Paul Loyer
20th Nov 2007, 02:37   | tags:comments (6)